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    Looking to start Undivided.

    I guess i have been listening to too much Manowar. Ick. Manowar is helping me get through Space Wolves. It has inspired me to look into Chaos as my second Warhammer army.

    Not overly interested in winning all the time. My must win tactics are saved for 40K. Althoguh, I would like to have a dooming force on the table that ensures opponents armies that I will fight to my last model.

    With the risk of being a touch insulting, has anyone modelled exposed heads of warriors and knights as less dead looking? Something along the lines of beardy Space Wolves?
    I think the Knights, Warriors and Marauders are just right for my next big project.
    I would propose a list using:

    -Archaon, Lord of Endtimes (at least for the great general/hero model)
    -Crom the Conqueror (same reason as above)
    -Mounted Sorcerer
    -Champion of Chaos

    For those wondering about Manowar. A pal of mine has introduced me to thier music and in particular Son's of Odin, God's of War and Dark Avenger, in particular, revitalised my interest in Space Wolves. Regardless of how hopeless the guys in that band are, thier music has sent me here.

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    First of all: LOL @ inspired by Manowar.
    Well, if you want to go character heavy (which I see you want to do ), then Khorne or Tzeentch would be your pick, not Undivided.

    When you want to use only mortals, then I suggest (for a 2000 pts game) 2 blocks of 24 marauders, with light armour, shield and full command; 5x knights; 2x 12 warriors; hero on daemonic mount (into knights), 2x hero on foot (one into the warriors, the other into marauders), bsb on foot (into the other marauders), and then you would have some 300 pts to spare on whatever you feel like, though I'd suggest warhounds and spawns.

    I have modelled a champ mounted on a chaos steed, and there I used a beardy looking marauder head and the model came out just fine.

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