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    Beast or Hordes?

    I Really like the idea of a magic heavy Tzeentch list and i was wondering what some of the main differences are between Beast and Hordes Tzeentch would be.

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    I'm not an expert over beasts...but i play tzeentch mortals from years.
    So i can show you the "mortal" pros

    First, mortal heroes are warriors under any aspect; you field warrior-mages with outstanding armour and attack capability, while the beasts lack good armour.
    So you can equip mortal heroes with arcanes, while for wargors you must buy extra armour/wepons and so lose the possibility to boost magic further.

    Second, mortal heroes may board a disc, which is "a nasty piece of work" (LOL)
    they can pose threat to flanks and lone characters or crewmen, and go around the battlefield avoiding charges if you want.

    Third, mortal heroes have higher leadership

    Fourth, mortal heroes can join chaos warriors units which obviously are better than beasts, or go into cheap marauders to provide them with some attack capability while they provide static cc bonuses.

    The cons:

    First, they cost, cost and cost really much.

    Second, characters on discs without a ward save are often subject to the "cannonball syndrome" which can make you lose hundreds of points+heroes+casters all-in-one per each enemy shooting turn

    Well...this is what comes in my mind right now...there surely are more pros and cons!


    p.s. fifth pro: chaos warriors/knights/chariots may be marked by tzeentch and give +1 PD each.
    beast units cannot. (except one single bestigor unit per army)
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    If I am playing Beasts and I hit 2000 points and want to field a large herd, Tzeentch is the way to go.

    Beast Lords with the mark of tzeentch are MUCH cheaper than the mortal tzeentch lord. In fact, he is cheaper than most army's level 4 casters.

    Mortal Tzeentch and Beast Tzeentch, despte both being chaos and tzeentch, play completely differently.

    Mortal Tzeentch will have a great deal of your point taken up in your Lord choice. At 2000 points you mortal lord will cost you around 1/4 of your entire army. This isn't bad, exactly, just be warned that if he goes down, you are going o be in a lot of trouble. The good news is that he is very hard to kill. Flying on a disk gives him great line of sight and can put him in a position where no one can charge or shoot him. With handy magic items he can have a 3+ ward save against missile fire keeping him alive even longer. The biggest benefit to playing mortal tzeentch is the ability to mark almost all of your units, something that playing beasts tzeentch can't do easily. Chariots of tzeentch give you a cheap way of generatng more dice, which is definitely what you want. The biggest downside to playing mortal tzeentch is your lack of models on the board. Chaos units are expensive, and having an even more expensive hero leave you outnumbered 100% of the time. Fortunately, the amount of magic your single hero can pump out is amazing, and can really wipe out units by himself. If you like playing a small elite army that has tons of magic coming from a single super-powerful hero, than Mortal Tzeentch is for you.

    Beasts tzeentch armies vary greatly, as most beast players meet the same challenges differently. I will tell you my personal outlook on a beast tzeentch army. Beast armies can bring a lot of guys to the table. Their beast herds are fast, maneuverable, cheap, and can dish out a beating if used properly. The downside to beastmen is their lack of armor and low leadership. This means that they will always need to be charging and not be charged. Beastlords with the mark of tzeentch should always join a large herd of Gors and Ungors. The large herd will be less prone to panic, and keep the lord safe. As beast herds are skirmishers they allow all heroes in their unit 360 line of sight, something that Mortal armies (in fact most armies) cannot do. This allows you to target any unit within range no matter where they are as long as you have line of sight to them. This can be a really helpful as you can skirt around powerful enemy units and protect you flanks from being charged by shooting out a spell off the side of your unit. A tzeentch beastlord can be very annoying for your opponent as they can be very hard to kill. If your unit is getting low in number you can have your lord jump out and join another one. Beastlords are much cheaper than most level 4 casters, have decent leadership, and a better stat line than most other casters. A cheap magic item lets them have just as good of armor as the mortal version, but they weight in at a couple hundred points cheaper. This is great because it allows you to field more than just one hero in a 2000 point game. Backed up by a couple bray-shamans you have enough powerfull hard-hitting magic to make anyone sweat. The downside is that he is not the one man army that the mortal version is. Few beast units can have marks to give you more power dice, so he will need the support of other heroes. The biggest problem is the low leadership. One missed panic check and your unit could run off the board. A BSB with the gore banner can go along way in a beast Tzeentch army. If you like having a lot of magic coming from a main powerhouse supported by lesser casters, in a mobile army that takes a little practice to master (but can be quite frustrating for your opponent when you do) than a beast tzeentch army is what you want.

    I hope this helps. The two armies have very different playstyles.

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