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    Chaos Lord out on a lmb or in a unit?

    The reason I ask is because I am making my lord out of bits and pieces, I love modelling, and the fellow is going on a steed of Slaanesh (the weird thing you get in the Lord of Slaanesh kit).

    I can't decide if it's best to use him on his own or if he should be in a unit and if he should be which unit is best?


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    Well, you could combine both: he starts in a unit which offers him protection from regular missile fire (and a handy 'Lookout-Sir!' should the need arise ).
    And according to the developing battle he might stay or leave/charge out of the unit.

    For which unit to stick him with there are 4 main options:

    Slaanesh Knights are often the first choice (although some consider it a bit of overkill, at least chosen Knight seldom need the support of a lord)

    Next come Marauders. being cheap the provide the battle with static result whilst the Lord does the killing
    Although they might give in to panic (granted they have a ld9 model with them, but you still can botch panic tests with that, and seeing your Lord getting dragged away along puny Marauders is a bummer )

    Sticking him with Slaanesh Warriors might be a solution, since they (like the corresponding Knights) are immune to psychology.
    But they will have lower static combat result than the Marauders due to their higher points cost so fielding a Unit of 16 to 20 Warriors is a bit unwieldy (although they will be more resilient in cc due to higher toughness and armour so they might negate the lower rank bonus by less casualties)

    An interesting option is sticking him with Marauder Horsemen. With that getup you get the best mobility with some missile protection. they're cheap enough to field 7 ot 8 and with a Chaos Lord amongst them they'd pull flank charges which only stubborn/unbreakable units should be able to stand.
    Of course avoid too much missile fire

    Basically, it's up to your preferences.
    It ain't easy bein' green... :-)

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