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Thread: Nurgle...d

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    All right im starting a new Hordes of chaos army and papa nurgles just about my hero so i'm making a nurgle army. THis is my first WHFB army so i was wondering if any one could help me out.
    I was thinking of using one unit of warriors of around 23 with Mon. and then a bunch of maruders. any ideas past this the main armys im facing is skaven, Bretonia and lizardmen.

    Any advice would be very helpful and much apreciated.

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    Generally i say that Chaos warriors are classified as 'elite' infantry, and hence use them in smaller units with wide frontage, maximising attacks/points.

    However, as you are spending the points for the MoN, its probably better to use larger units of 20 (maybe up to 25) with Full Command, for maximum Static ComRes and to take full advantage of the rules for fear (outnumbering, etc)

    Large marauder units are also a good choice, id say units of 25, again with FC.

    Although MoN may not be as beneficial to them, a Nurgelised unit of 5 (Chosen) Knights makes for a pretty good unit. Knights are pretty solid anyway, and the mark just for fluffy reasons and to round the theme of the army off nicely. Also, causing fear means they will be less succeptable to enemy Psychology.

    Spawns are good units, and although the MoN isnt the best choice available for them, maybe look at taking it, depending on points, and again for modelling and fluffy reasons. I can imagine Nurgle Spawns look the best of the lot. Bet you could even get away with using a real Fungi or somthing!

    As for Characters, thinking for an army less than 2K to start, id probably advise to go with a Mounted, combat based General, and have join the Knights. Depending on how much magic you want, and how much you like the Nugle lore, take 2 level 2 Sorcerors with MoN. However, if you arent too bothered about magic offense, go defensive with 1 Lv1 scroll caddy, and then maybe look at using the 3rd hero slot for a Battle Standard bearer, to join the Warriors.

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