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    Starting my Fantasy army

    So i want to start playing Fantasy for a long long time but never had the time to hit it off. Now my friend is quiting to start 40k and hes leaving me his Nurgle army. Now if all ways been a fan of the chaos specialy the Slaanesh and there magic but starting with Nurgles doesn't feel bad since there pretty good imo, and i got to start some where. Now the thing is i want to make some ajustments to the army but since im not fully commen with the army rules i need some help. It look some what like this.

    1 x daemon prince
    2 x herald (1 x army standard bearer)
    2 x 21 plague bearers (with command)
    3 x plague riders
    1 x plague chariot

    1 x 15 nurgle chaos wariors (halberds) These arn't in the army but i im getting these as well.

    He told me this should be around 2000 points. (he all so said something about makes making units wizards it should make around 3000 but as i said im still learning Fantasy didn't ask about that yet)

    Now i got my hands on a lord of slaanesh (mounted) and 16 daemonettes. And would like to have em involved in my army.(and especially remove the daemon prince since i don't really feel he would fits me that wel) Now i the advice i need is what to remove to add these in my army and still keep it around 2000 points and battle ready.

    I hope this isn't all to confusing (holds up anti flame shield), im trying to explain this the best i can. Thanks in advance.

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    I hope you have the Army book lol, take a good read.

    Basically in order to mix Marks in your list, your general must be Undivided. Also youll need an undivided unit in order to take the UDV character.
    So, with an UDV lord you will then be able to include all of the Nurgle and Slanneshi stuff too.

    Hence, for now, id say dont bother Nurgling the Warriors youlll be getting. Have a unit of 11 with Champ, Music, and including the Character (UDV Lord). Weapon wise, add shields (for ranged defense) and Halberds as you wanted.

    Youll have to pick up a Lord to.

    Alternatively look at getting some Knights, and a mounted UDV Lord, they make one excellent unit.

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