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Thread: New Army advice

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    New Army advice

    well ive decided to start a Chaos army as my next project, but sice i have no clue what im doing im coming to u guys to help me out. BTW im gonna play Khorne for the fact it matches my personality perfectly.


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    I'm not really a Chaos player myself, but I've spent a lot of time pushing #'s around with a friend of mine who is and there are a couple of recurring themes I've seen between our work and the lists I've seen here on the forums.

    -First, redundancy reigns in chaos lists. Where other armies tend to benefit more from a 'combined arms' approach, Chaos does better when you run one strong theme and do just a little mix-and-matching to fill in the gaps - at least for players short of veteran status. Basically, pick a theme and go as far overboard wit it as you can - as many warriors as you can put on the board, maxed out knights and/or chariots, more casters than a Harry Potter novel - take your pick.

    -Second, all Chaos has one huge glaring flaw - no shooting. There are ways to deal with this - numbers, mobility, magic - but it's something you have to keep in mind making your lists.

    -Third, marking your General (not-undivided) can be akin to shooting yourself in the foot. This one depends more on what you're playing, but often you'll want to mix marks a little (Slannesh on Spawns, for example, or Nurgle on a chariot).

    For Khorne, your knights and warriors are boss until people start dropping war machines on them. Pick your theme, then spend some points in fliers to hunt machines and prolly some doggies (the cheap ones) to screen your units - basic Khornite approach.
    Two's to kill. Ahh, sweet sweet music.

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