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    Chaos Gods as Allies

    With the change in the rules to Marks i think it is clear that we will see more mixed chaos armies (something I struggle with a little). I have not read any of the Chaos background for a while but are there any 'alliances' between gods. I know Khorne is not fond of Tzeentch, what about Slaneesh or Nurgle. Are there any precedents in the fluff or pointers as to which gods would be most likely to be seen together?

    For example i feel that Nurgle being God of Decay, Despair, Destruction, and Disease fits in quite well with Khorne being God of Hate, Rage, Blood, War and Killing.

    Whilst perhaps Slanneesh and Tzeentch also sit slightly better together.

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    While Khorne may not be fond of Tzeentch, Tzeentch is not his least favorite chaos god. That spot would be filled by Slaanesh. Tzeentch is Nurgle's arch-rival, because they represent the opposite emotions, hope and despair, respectively. I think the biggest point to remember here is that while they may hate eachother and have somewhat complicated relationships, they put aside their differences for the "greater good" (or greater evil, however you want to put it), conquering the warhammer world.

    In short, the relationships look something like this

    Khorne -- Slaanesh
    Tzeentch -- Nurgle

    Khorne -- Tzeentch

    Unclear as of yet:
    Khorne -- Nurgle
    Tzeentch -- Slaanesh
    Nurgle -- Slaanesh
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    Blacksheep basically has the right of it as far as general relations go. The other thing to remember is that the balance of power is constantly shifting between the gods, when one god gets to far on top the other gods typically align themselves to counter-balance the threat.

    Keep in mind that this is basically about the Chaos gods, their daemonic minions and how they act in the realm of chaos. As Blacksheep pointed out, the gods present a more united front where the mortal world is concerned though that does not stop them from disrupting each others plans in the mortal world. To many old chaos players this is 'new' fluff and represents a different direction than the 'old' fluff took. The general idea is that basically if you want to have every god present in your army then the only fluff you need to justify this is that "the gods have pooled their resources to acomplish X very important objective blah blah blah" If you have 3 marks present then 3 weaker gods have allied to challenge the dominant god ect ect, you get the idea.

    This new approach actually opens up a lot more options for both competitve and fluff based players. A fanatical 'old school fluff' player can still take a mono-god army, an inventive fulff player can take a multi-god army and have some fun cooking up a plot/scheme/reason that the gods are working together, a competitve player can take whatever mark/marks best suit their play style. Its all for the better.
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