Hi all seeking advice on how i can expand my current chaos army for the up & coming storm of chaos campaign! i have mainly a KHORNE based army.
So far i have a couple of farely decent units as follows ->

Chaos lord- borkil the butcher- on foot :unsure:
2nd Chaos lord- Kyarl Deathaxe-riding a juggernaught unsure
of the 1st lord so i have optional chaos lord! :o
Exalted champion- on daemonic steed :o
16 chaos warriors with halberds
16 chaos warriors with additional hand weapons
25 marauders with additional hand weapons
25 marauders with flails
Chaos spawn- Scyla anfingrim :unsure:
Chaos chariot

& so far ppeps thats it.
please mail bk and comment on the army and tell me if you think it needs any improvement i.e extra units etc etc, also give me advice on which chaos lord would be the better of the 2 to use in the campaign

cheers for now nick!