Hello all, I'm looking at starting a WoC army, and I have several speculations on buying things. I am planning on doing the paint 200pts per month thread in the project forum, so I will be building up to a 1000pt army. I also want to be able to play low points warbands games, 250-500 points. Finally, I know there is a set of new models coming out. I want to know what would be good choices for buying heroes at the moment, if any, or if I should just wait for the new models to come out.

I figure for the 250-500 points warbands, I will need a very cheap hero, basically a non-kitted aspiring. He could have an additional hand weapon, a flail, a halberd, OR a shield. Which one of these would make the best option? I am thinking I may model him from a decked out chaos warrior, since he will also need to be on foot to have the low points to be the general - I am also curious what configuration people generally use for chaos warriors for their weapons/equipment, as well as chosen, since the new chaos warriors are rumored to have stats similar to chosen. Is this a bad idea: would it be more worth it to deck an exalted out a bit, and make a unit champ the general? This would be stretching it, since an exalted could easily end up being half my points in a 250 pt game.

I think that for the 1000pt goal, I will most likely want 1-2 sorcerers, and I was thinking of having one on foot and the other mounted, to try both. How do you feel these options work out? I need to figure out which models I should get for each as well.

I'll appreciate any advice in terms of what models might be good to pick up given these points values, how they tend to be kitted, and if there is a model coming out that will likely replace them. Thanks!