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    The New Chaos Warriors model review!

    After getting my grubby mitts on the spearhead, i felt like writing a review of all the models inside ^_^ its all in my opinion, so i dont have to keep typing that every time i say something

    Khornate Lord on Foot
    Hey look, its yet another Lord of Khorne model. What are there now, five of these? Anyway, this on is the best of the bunch i feel. he's got an impressive determined stance, and looks like he's really about to mess up your day with an unhealthy dose of kill. You get two helmets, both are mostly the same desgin, except one has the khorne bunny ears, and the other doesnt. a good detailed model

    Khornate Lord on Juggernaut
    Remember how you guessed how big he'd be? well, he's bigger. the guy on a jugger is about as tall as the archaon model and takes up twice the table space. he's frickin huge, and liberally festooned with skulls. the helmeted head is much better than the one with horns, but the horned head is still worth using on a chaos knight champion or something. my only complaint is the size of his axe. itd look okay on a man sized model, but its just too dinky on a model this size. fortunatly, the knight have a ton of leftover choppy things to swap it for. A great centre piece for your warrior army

    Nurgle Sorcerer
    There is a school of thought that believes single piece models are crap just beause they have only once piece, not including base. These people are idiots. This little chap is just so endearing. is yucky staff, the maggots hiding in his armpit, the way he's struggling to keep ahold of all those scrolls, his funky hat, the runes on the back of his cloak which you dont see in the interweb pictures, and did i mention his funky hat? i picture him waddling about the battlefield, huffing n puffing as he unleashes those powerful nurgle spells

    Chaos Lord on Steed
    this may well be the best model in the new range, its currently tied with the jugger lord and captain nurgle mcfunkyhat. he just looks so badass, and is full of character. i usually convert my models, but im leaving this guy just the way he is. he's been slated for that tentacle arm, but it shows how the people of the north can adapt to even disadvantegous mutation. another great centrepiece

    chaos warriors 2.0 these guys look very intimidating ranked up, all waving their gigantic axes about. the detail on each one is terrific, they look like a bunch of them has just ganged up to kill stuff rather than some sort of organised unit. each one is really imposing. the unit champion is the best one, the guy with the big claw. he's good enough to be used as an exhalted hero

    Chaos Knights
    also frickin hueg. they come with so many options too, youll be stuck for lances or not lances here, each one looks too cool not to use. the shields are great too, with fantastic detail , like the one covered in faces and the other covered in eyes. nice n cheap too, cos theyre plastic. bonus!

    Marauder Horsemen
    like the knights, but smaller. but, surprisingly, with more options! these guys have been kinda overlooked for the knights, but dont, theyre pretty good themselves.

    Chaos Hounds
    probably the worst of the bunch. theyre so small and dinky compared to dire wolves, they just dont look threatening. they also look like boars with some squiggily bits, rather than massive mutant wolves theyre meant to be. i think ill stick with using dire wolves for my chaos hounds

    Wulfrik the Wanderer
    surprisingly heavy, given his size. also, he's awesome purely because that weird sway to him makes him look like he's totally drunk out his skull, which he is. and, after all the weapons with eyes, teeth, weird patterns n jagged edges, its nice to get a sword which is just a hunk of metal with an edge. a fun, detailed model, tho all the trophies mgiht give you a headache when you come to paint him

    Sigvald the Magnificant
    He doesnt look like any other warhammer model at all, which is the idea, you pillocks. he's very slender and completely dwarfed by the other models in the spearhead. he's meant to stand out because of his lack of mutation, not because of it. he's a very well made model regardless, and worthy of lavishing attention on him. and i'll say this for him, he's got the longest sword in the range, which is probably a euphamism for something...
    he's another good centrepiece model

    Supiob. theres something in here for everyones liking.

    Me an' da ladz 'ave been lootin', fightin' an' winnin' since before you were a grot, ya panzy! WAAAGH!

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    Seuperb review. Makes for very interesting reading - thanks for taking the time!

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