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    Khorne Champion on Jugger

    So, with the new kick-ass Khorne Champion on Jugger model, I'm thinking of using him

    -So, what do you think of this build?
    -Is it better at 2000, 2250, or 2500?
    -What type of lists would benefit from it?
    -How would you use it?
    -Is it effective?

    I am starting 1000pts, but the thought of a -1+ AS* is too hard to resist. Considering using him when expanding.

    *Chaos Armour (+3) + Juggernaut (+3) + Encanted Shield (+2) = -1+ Armour Save

    Thoraxe the Impaler, Exalted Champion of Khorne
    -Mark of Khorne
    -Rending Sword
    -Enchanted Shield

    Total: 240pts

    Response is appreciated.

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    I previously disliked the Juggernaut simply because I didn't like the look of the thing. I'm beginning to change my opinion of it!

    I'm planning a Khorney army myself, and something like this will definitely be involved in it at some point, though I don't know if I'd stick him in so soon as 1,000 points. I feel I need some magic cover, so at 1,000 I'd aim to take two sorcerors at level 2, if possible, plus an unmounted hero. Actually, even level 1 sorcerors plus a hero comes to 280 points, which I reckon is already quite high above my character limit. I'd aim to upgrade to level 2 in a 1,500-point army. Come 2,000 points I would be happy to have a wibbly Hero (as your Hero shall henceforth be known!) plus a couple of sorcerors. That's 460 points which is, again, slightly more than I'd like to spend - but for the build I think it could be worth it!

    Also, in your list of reasons I want this unit, you didn't mention he has MR(1) and causes Fear. That magic resistance would affect any unit the character joined - assuming you can stilll join units if you're mounted on a Juggernaut? - which means that you've freed your sorcerors up to focus on dispelling damage to other units before they have to worry about your Knights, who presumably are accomodating your nasty Hero.

    So, yeah. His armour save and magic resistance mean that, if he has to, he can run around himself reasonably safely. He's not super-fast and he has no static CR, so really to make use of him you want him in a unit of cavalry - probably Knights. As normal, you want a flanking unit to run alongside the Knights - Hounds would now be even better at this, due to the Knights' reduced movement. The Knights would be slightly more cumbersome than previously and you'd lose one of them from any combat but I think the Hero makes up for it.

    I don't think he would impact on the rest of your army list so much, to be honest. Your charge with the Knights would be tly slowed and you would have less to worry about during enemy magic phases. I don't see that it would make any other difference, although I'm happy to be told I'm wrong.

    Quick answer to your question: I reckon you could happily use the model in a 2,000 point army. Anything higher than that and it just becomes even easier. But, again, I could be wrong. I'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts on this.

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    Well it's a fantastic model and if I were to take it I'd go with:

    Exalted Champion
    -Mark of Khorne
    -Chaos Runesword

    Starting in a unit of knights it would be this guys job to hunt other characters and with his 6 S6 and 3 S5, 0+ save and stat line that beats most lords he is well equipped for it. That and to go off on his own to take on small units or missile troops.

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    This months Canadian White Dwarf batrep showed a very interesting usage for the Juggernaut.

    Khorne Lord on Juggernaut w/ Chaos Daemon Sword & Pendant of Slaanesh. Lord's basic 5 attack +1 from Mark +D6 from Daemon Sword.. so that's a total of 6+D6 (max. 10 ) of Str 5+D3 attacks every turn.. and if somehow the Lord rolls 1's to hit and fails the subsequent save, he then gets +1 more attack added to his base attack value because of the Pendant of Slaanesh.

    That idea sounded pretty appealing somehow but I thought the Juggernaut's improved armor save should be better utilized... so how about replacing Pendant of Slaanesh with an Enchanted Shield so the Lord has a -1 Sv for better chance to survive against its Daemon Sword -- Maxed out Str8 attacks would still give this Jugger Lord a 4+ save against it. I'm definitely trying this out sometimes this week!

    *not to mention the Eye of the Gods table.. people are going to tremble when this Lord issues challenge!*
    Last edited by nekochen; October 20th, 2008 at 02:27.
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