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    Chaos Spawn rules question

    So I was skimming over the rules in the new book and I thought of something.

    I have 2 chaos spawns... it states in the rules that 1-2 Spawn may be taken as a single Rare choice...
    Then it says you can give them Marks.
    My question is this:
    Say I have 2 chaos spawns as my 1 rare choice.. can I mark them Individually? Meaning.. can I have 1 with the Mark of Khorne, and 1 with the Mark of Slaanesh?
    Theoretically they are seperate units..
    The rules don't say "1-2 spawn may be taken as a unit choice" It says as a Rare choice.

    What are your thoughts?

    Please don't read this as "I'd like to cheese my list out"... rather, read it as "Is it possible? The more Marks the merrier!"

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    its perfectly fair in my opinion (i do the same with charriots...)
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