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    Balancing Infanty & Cavalry


    Just picked up the new book, so this is my first time working with this Army.

    My question is how do you balance infantry and cavalry. I have noticed CoW seem to be vulnerable to ranged attack, and for this reason allot of folks go with all mounted armies, and other units in the list with large movement values.

    I'd really like to include units of Warriors and Chosen in my army. How do you balance them with cavalry? What is their purpose in the army and how do you use them to effect w/o having them shot up crossing the field?

    My general thinking is to use units of warriors as a hard anvil, flanking the enemy into them with cav.

    Thanks, the CoW sub-forum is great reading.

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    One word: Screening.
    I keep a nice balanced list with both cavalry and infantry. I have a unit of warriors, a unit of marauders, a unit of knights, marauder horsemen, and then i screen them all with warhounds.
    Keep a few units of 5 warhounds each in front of your units as they advance...
    Since we really don't have any ranged (besides the cannon and marauder horsemen) march your face off! The puppies will last you a couple of turns to allow you to get into place nicely.
    Plus there is always the Mark of Nurgle if you're afraid of getting shot at... it helps. There is the banner that gives Ward saves... lots of stuff to look at.
    They really balanced this book nicely to account for the fact that we are very weak against ranged (minus our amazing saves!)

    Happy list building.
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