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    lord and hero setup's

    Hey guys i was just wondering what kind of Lord & Hero setup's you guys use, heres a couple of mine that i just sussed out.

    Chaos Lord
    Mark of Tzeentch
    Armour of Morrislieb
    Crown of everlasting conquest
    mounted on a barded steed and is equipped with a flail and shield.

    ok now assuming everything in this build is correct this gives him:

    Offense: in the first round of combat this gives him 5 S7 attacks at Ws8
    defense: 1+ Armour save 3+ ward save (6+ against magical) and regeneration

    if thats right personally i wouldn't wanna start on him!

    Here's the second option:

    Chaos Lord
    Mark of Khorne
    Armour of damnation
    Crown of everlasting conquest
    favor of the gods
    mounted on either a Khorne Chariot or Juggernaut
    and equiped with halberd

    Offense: 6 S6 attacks with Ws8
    Defense: 1+ Armour save and they have to re roll all successful hits and Regeneration

    And then theres another setup similar too the Khorne lord where you just replace his mark and mount with that of nurgle's, ensuring that your opponent will have a hard time hitting you mainly on 5's and then having to re roll all successful hits. keeping in mind that these lords are very points heavy aiming in the high 300's

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    There was actually some discussion about this a few days ago in this (Arena of Death Challenge) thread. from what I've seen the power builds look to be:
    • Father of Blades and Armor of Damnation
    • Lash of Subversion and Helm of Many Eyes
    • Glaive of Putrefaction and Skinhidden Plate
    • Chaos Runeshield and anything else

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