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    Infantry based WoC

    Hey guys, I've played warhammer fantasy for about 4 years now, I got started with playing Vampire counts and then took the leap of faith to play dark elves before they were a legitimate army, now I want an army to finish my triad.

    I'm not really interested in horde, I'm not interested in speed, and I'm not interested in magic. What I want is good old fashioned bashing and smashing with some solid foot troops.

    What I'm wondering is if its actually doable to field a mostly infantry based warriors of chaos list. Chaos warriors in my opinion are now near the top, if not AT the top of heavy infantry, and their marauder counterparts are excellent too. I want to take this heavy infantry core and turn it into an army. I'd probably take 3-5 large infantry blocks, and then 1-2 war shrines in order to buff them. I'd lead the army with a fighty lord, and then probably just take a scroll caddy to protect myself from magic, but thats about as detailed as my ideas are right now.

    Do you guys think that this could ever work? and if so how would you structure such a list to at least make it moderately competitive? (I'm sure it would start with lots of hounds and marauders).

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    yes, i play a WoC army that is infantry based, what you really need to do, is buff the heck out of all you're units and use up all of youre available lord/hero choices.

    my current 2250 point army has

    lord of khorne on juggy
    nurgle sorc
    tzeentch sorc
    wulfrik the wanderer

    2x12 chaos warriors(nurgle and tzeentch marks)
    20 marauders
    16 marauders
    10 chaos war hounds

    5 chaos knights

    its a easy army to outnumber as it's so expensive, but the two sorcs can soften up and keep many enemy units busy while your main force/lord assist on units 1 by 1 taking them out in quick succession.

    also, to build this army all you need are the battalion box, a box of warriors/marauders and some lord choices, comming in under $250.

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