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    Considering granddaddy nurgle.

    Okay I'm going to try and make this as painless as possible because I know there are a million "thinking of starting WoC" threads around.

    So I don't play nearly as much WHFB as I do 40k but I would really like to get into it more and become more motivated to play! So I've been considering starting a Nurgle army. Mostly because I'm looking for a tough, hard as nails army who also has some good magic, plus they look fun to paint (I also have no green/brown armies) and I want to try and be a "bad guy" for once!

    I have the army book and I have been over it a little but I'm curious what to start with as far as models and what not? Festus seems like a good time and I'm looking to start small (1kish) is he a good choice or should I look elsewhere?

    With a nurgle army should I focus my heros towards CC or Magic casting roles?

    How does this army work the best? Hard units stedily marching down the feild to deliver death and destruction? or is there a better way?

    Also to keep with fluff what are some other marks that would be good to incorperate?


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    To start a WoC army, I'd go with the meat and potatoes of the army list. Either a unit of warriors or marauders. This is a great starting point for a 1k army.

    As for festus. My initial opinions of him are as follows:
    He has some really cool abilities, but they seem more useful in games around 2k and up in points. He doesn't have a model yet. Really good with marauders.

    So, for a hero I wouldn't start with him. I'd recommend a exalted hero and a sorceror. Tool up 1 and use the other as counter and punch. (so either dummy hero to try and hurt big units, but expendable... or dummy sorc as a scroll/dispel caddy).

    As to which roll you want, really depends on what you're playing and your play style. Against elves, magic will kill you. So some dispel scrolls (or a way to get into combat to avoid magic/kill their mages) help. Against horde armies, slaanesh magic is great to use their numbers against themselves.

    The only mark Nurgle 'hates' is Tzeentch. Which sucks because it compliments the army so well. But from a fluff stand point, they don't get along. Slaanesh and Khorne both work. I really like Slaanesh, undecided on Khorne at the moment.

    Anyways, I support your decision of Nurgle. Good call. The new WoC are really cool for new armies (and fun models to paint).

    Can't wait to see your stuff.
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    Nurgle is a great god to follow for WoC armies, his mark is the best in my opinion.

    like darcchipmunk said, for 1k going with a Sorcerer and an Exalted hero gives you both a good hero selection, and lets you see what you like for a lord character. I tend to like nurgle magic a bit. The first spell is good for sniping characters, and several of the other ones are good for taking out whole units (whether they be low strength or toughness, or heavily armored)

    That being said, you don't HAVE to give your sorcerer a mark if you want to use a purely destructive lore like fire or something.

    As for other marks, I also agree against taking Tzeentch marks. There are no rules against it, but it just goes against the fluff. That and the Mark of Nurgle gives good additional protection anyways. For your marauders (infantry and horsemen) the mark of Slaanesh is nice, since it is cheap and helps them with leadership problems.

    A good way to start out is just by buying the battalion box and two hero's. Thats what I am going to be doing (I am starting nurgle as well) and the contents therein make a 1k army perfectly. It also gives you the chance to play around with the different troop types in the WoC list (light/medium infantry, heavy infantry, fast harassment units, and heavy cavalry).
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