Hey all, so i've been trying to plan a tzeentch army latley and i'm liking the idea of a daemon prince setup as follows:

Daemon prince
Mark of Tzeentch
Lvl 4 Wizard
Mantle of chaos
Fury of the blood god (renamed Aura of Tzeentch for fluff reasons)

Total: 570 pts

Way i see it this guy is all but unkillable, the mantle makes small arms fire (handguns, organ guns etc) almost worthless against him when combined with his 4+ ward save, against spells he has a 3+ ward save and magic resistance 2.

My other option is a Sorcerer Lord as follows:

Sorcerer Lord
Lvl 4 wizard
Mark of Tzeentch
Disc of Tzeentch
Golden eye of Tzeentch
Enchanted Shield
Chaos Runesword
Word of Agony

Total: 440 pts

He's 130 pts cheaper (enough to pickup a cheap lvl 3 to boost my magic power further), he comes with a 3+ ward save vs all missiles but only a 6+ ward in combat and a 1+ armour save. Word of agnoy is also nice vs most heroes who might try to challange him, and he's not bad in combat (4 WS 6 S 5 attacks is better than most armies combat lord choices).

Not sure which would be better, i'm leaning toward the sorcerer 'cause i cna add another 2 levels of magic, but he's simply not as resiliant for what i want him to do (fly into the middle of the enemy, charge warmachines and generaly play hell with them).

What do you all think?