Alright- after the dust settled on Christmas day, I found myself sitting on enough boxes and giftcards to amass a brand new WHFB army, and where better to turn than Chaos? Unfortunately, I can't seem to wrap my mind around the whole 'chaos' nature, being a regimented HighElf, Imperial, and VC player myself. When I look at the book, nothing really *jumps out* at me as being a good unit/combo/kit whatever. So here's what I have so far...

1 Hero on foot
1 BSB on foot
1 mounted hero/sorceror
1 sorceror

32 Marauders
24 Warriors
20 Hounds

10 Knights
10 Chosen

now where to? I want to run a very competetive army, but also retain the fun and playability of the list. Where do I turn?