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    making them suck at LD

    I posted my list using these strats in the armylist section, but I would like to go more in depth on the strategy here.

    The list uses LD based items/skills/spells.

    Diabolic splendour; lowering fear/terror/panic test caused by unit he is with.
    Lore of Death; lowering LD and pure dmg spells.
    Fear, Terror, etc; triggering LD tests.
    Doom Totem; lowering LD for all thos who can see it.
    Hell Cannon; triggering panic test at -1.
    Pandemonium; cannot use higher ld's for tests.

    Thats what I can think of out of my head.

    Put the banning in the center of the army, I put him in a unit of trolls.
    The unit is very resilient, and the more dmg it takes, the sicker they get.
    Becaus he is in the front/center of your army he has the best position for showing the banner.
    Plus he has the Diabolic Splendour and his unit causes fear, -2ld for fear tests.

    Shoot with the Hell Cannon at unit with a line of sight to the banner, causing -2ld panic tests.

    Take a lvl4 Sorcerer using the lore of Death to lower the ld by 3 and forcing more tests.

    Pandemonium makes sure they cannot use the LD from characters. You have to get the skill, so I get a Spell Familiar for a lvl2 Tzeentch sorcerer.

    Maybe put a filthmace on a hero to make him cause terror. But you have to get a extra hero for this one, so it a bit expencive. Optional for bigger point battles.

    I haven't had enough time to try it out yet, I'll do that asap.
    Are there more ''combo's'' for this strategy?
    Ofc the major flaw with this one is immune to Psychology, I know. But its not supposed to be tournament viable, fun only

    sorry for the short- and shabbyness of the post, I don't have allot of time atm, will try to post more later. I thought I'd give you something to think about in the mean time.

    My WoC assembly/paint log! check it out. UPDATED 03-11-'11!
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    add a dragon or a giant for immediate terror checks and that list could see a good portion of enemy armies running for their lives.

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