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    Guys I really need army help!

    Alright folks, time to help me out here! Please?
    I want to run a tournament army for my Warriors. The aim is going to be 2000pts. At the moment, I'm looking at

    32 Marauders
    10 Knights
    12 Chosen
    24 Warriors

    What I'm asking is simple: what's the next step? I've been looking through the book and was initially hung up on the whole "Nurgle/Slaanesh" thing, and I still am. However, I will say that I LOVE the concept of a Sigvald-led army, because his character description really really appeals to me. So- questions:

    1- is Sigvald a decent Lord character?
    2- is Slaanesh going to be good for tourney play? If not, what is?
    3- what do i buy next?!

    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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    I'm still just a small try but I'll try to offer some insight!

    I think a Slaaneshi themed and marked army would likely fair pretty well in a tournament. Anything like vampires or ogres that are going to be causing fear a lot won't be as bad and will save you from being feared off the board or overrun. I don't see Nurgle as being too bad of a choice either as anyone is happy when its harder to hit them. Slaanesh is cheaper though, so if you're looking for bulk you may want to rock that.

    A warshrine doesn't sound like a bad idea at that high of a game, it'll give a unit a nice buff at your leisure. You may also want to consider another unit of knights? Expensive but two units of ten knights will give a lickin' to a lot of things, and you won't need to spend points marking them since they already cause fear, so should be immune to it as well. Chaos Spawn or Marauders should give you some flexibility and fast moving units so you can get them where they're needed (and Slaanesh'll give the spawn strike first). A hellcannon may help take out some enemies at range while your main army marches forward. Alternatively, if special characters are allowed you could even consider taking Wulfrik with a block of marauder to set up dock at another table edge and go to town.

    *Dusts off hands* I hope that helps! This is my first time giving advice, and admitedly I haven't made it through the core rulebook or even painted a warrior yet, but it sounds good to me!

    Now if only I could tell myself what to do and I'd have a theme and army list picked out too...

    Goodluck at the tournament,
    Beat something up and tell them Christojo sent ya.

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    Sigvald in my opinion is quite a good character. 7 attacks stricking first is nothing to be sniffed at. He's Leadership 10 and stubborn which means what ever unit he joins is never going to go anywhere. You shouldn't be suffering from his stupidity to much either as he's LD10.

    At a wild guess here but I recon they'll be quite alot of Vampire armies and deamons so yes the amrk of slaanesh would be quite handy for your combat units. just to overcome their fear/terror

    Warshrines are Cool too, and they lend a little extra punch to your units. +1 strength to warriors is just wrong.

    War Hounds are awesome. they're cheap, they're good for flank charges, they block lines of sight, they're good for 'baiting' enemy untis and they can capture table quaters at the end of the game. Not bad for 30pts for 5!!!!
    They'd add a little bulk to your army aswell. More units for out manuvering is never to be sniffed at. 5 units of these chaps and you're away!!!

    What are you going for in ways of magic? Total Defence or attack? or just ignore it and spend the points on more killy stuff??

    i'm always a fan of Giants, and at tournaments mines always done me proud. Even if it didn;t kill anythign it's lack of realising it needs to run away now is really useful for getting a needed flank charge in.

    Good luck mate.

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