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    Army with no Marauder infantry?

    With the new bok having come out albeit a while ago I am forced to look at how to build my army. Before I used a mainly mortals list last edition using chariots warriors some knights, and a lot of support daemon/beastmen units. Now I lose all of the numbers I had in the now useless to me beast herds which were really fulfilling the role that marauders would fill.

    I was wondering if there were some other general's out there with the same problem as me who can share ideas on some armies that worked well without marauders on foot or a lot of marauder cav.

    So far my lists have been succesful but they weren't really very serious lists as I was using them to teach my sister how to play, and well like everybody when they start she just plain sucks right now. Oh and the usual points total for the area I play in is 2000.

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    I've done both, a marauder Hoard army and a 'plate' army.

    They both work really well.

    Plate armies have their strengths and weaknesses just like any army. One of the biggest ones i've found is being out flanked and out manauvered. You're never going to outnumber the enemy, so thats one problem. They way i've sorted this out was to introduce units of Hounds into the army. You can get 6 units of 5 for less that 200 points. That bulks out the army no end and stops enemies out flanking you and getting behind you. They will also protect your expensive units from getting shot to ribbons against a gun line.

    The other problem you're gonna get is having little or no static combat resolution. By that i mean rank bonus out number etc. So you're going to need to make those attacks count to win combat. So equip your blokes to DO that task. Halberds, great weapons all that Jazz.

    Try and thin the enemy down before they get to you, So lots of magic missiles and the like to to whittle them down, Hell get a hell cannon! That will knock a hole in their rank bonus!!!

    Hope that helps a little.

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    Thats 2 battlereports I did with an all cavalry army with a daemon prince. The down points are exactly what borak says. I don't have any static combat res. On the other hand I don't think I get out manuvered at all. Pick your fights. 5 chaos knights in the front of some rank and file can work. I sent them into saurus and they did fine.

    I personally thought my blocks of marauders weren't helping me. They'd protect my chosen's flanks and I could never rely on them to actually do that job. Yeah they're cheap and yes they give you a ton of bodies, but when someone charges them and runs right through them, that extra 20 models didn't do you a thing.
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