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    Advice needed, WoC staples.

    Hey I'm a woodelf player and I'm really at a loss as to what the WoC can bring to the table so my questions are..

    - What should I expect troop wise?

    What should I expect character wise?

    and what are some main weak points to this army?

    by the way its 1000 pts.

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    ~If you're a wood elf player switching to WoC, then I'm betting that you don't want to make too drastic of a change. For core, marauder horsemen are a god-send. These guys can be fitted out with flails, LA, and MoK for a total of only 110 points and are more than decent CC. You're other troops are going to be massive CC buffs, albeit slow.
    ~For characters, the standard is to not spend more than 1/3 points on them. In 1k points ,that means two max. A sorcerer with Book of Secrets and Power Familiar generates enough dice to use three dice on both of his spells. It also is not nearly as vulnerable as other casters, being T4 and a +4 armour save. Our Exalted Heroes are simply devastating. Kitted out to your liking, they can serve in any unit effectively. If you want to go super fast and maneuverable, like your old wood elves, then cavalry is the way to go, but don't lose our other choices, as the simple troop choice of warriors are scary as sin.
    ~Weaknesses: If not running cavalry, then WoC are not very maneuverable at all. Also, we don't have any shooting, other than the rare throwing axe here or there.
    ~But we have the best close combat and some crazy good magic as well. Not nearly as much moving and no shooting compared to ye olde wood elves, but well worth it.

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