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    Warriors of Chaos Questions

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to the forum, and I am trying to get back into warhammer as well. I have been doing a little research here and there, and now I have some questions. First, I am looking for kind of a specific army and I was wondering if WoC could be that army in which I am seeking. First and foremost, I do not want an overpowered army, but an army which is a challenge to play. I want to the army to play itself, but I want to play the army. Second, I want an army with low modal count( I spend alot of time on painting, but I like playing better). I would also like an army which is somewhat easy on the pocket, but if not, this is not a terrrible deal, as warhammr like any other hobby spending money is inevitable. Lastly, and I want an army that not many people play. I am torn in two here, I do have some tomb king regiments lying around, but I am hearing that they will get redon in a little bit. Should I just paint and collect TK and just hope most of my army will still be intact for the revision, or should I start WoC because they just got redone. I really like both armies, so it is inevitable that I will probably collect both someday. I am eager to play with a painted army which is another reason I would like a low modal count army. I guess my overarching question would be, giving what I am looking for in an army, is this a WoC army, or are there other armies I should be looking into? Sorry for the long winded questions.

    Thanks everyone for replying and answering my questions.


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    Yes WoC fits most of what you said. If you go for the wall of Iron army it can fit your description.

    1) Is WoC overpowered? No and neither is it underpowered. Its nice and balanced.

    2) Does the army play itself or does it need to be played? Needs to be played, you do not have many units and you have to be very smart about where to attack and when.

    3) Is it a low model count and easy on the pocket? You could easily build an army out of plastic that was effective and looked good. You would need to buy metal heros or convert plastic ones.

    3x10 warriors, 2 x 5 knights, 10 warhounds give you a good base for 1000 points. You can get Ogre Kingdom Irongut boxes for Chaos ogres. Marauder horse are plastic as well. Add two more boxes of each and u have over 1500 points adding characters you could have well over 2000 point army fairly cheaply (for warhammer) and only 68 models (plus characters). Alternatively you could use 2 Battalion boxes, not are versatile and more models (100) but still effective.

    So to put it clearer: (approximately the same $$ value)

    3x10 Warriors, Shields, MoS
    2x5 Marauder Horse, Flails, Muso, MoS
    2x5 Warhounds

    2x5 Knights mark of choice whatever is your preference (i would go nurgle)
    2x3 Ogres Chaos Armor, Great Weapons, MoS

    1532 points + characters of your choice
    Fast, mobile, hard hitting and tough.

    (Battalion Boxes)
    2x20 Marauders, Full Command, Light Armour, Shields. MoS
    2x12 Warriors, Shields MoS
    4x5 Warhounds

    2x5 Knights mark of choice whatever is your preference (i would go nurgle)

    1264 points + characters
    Slower, harder to wear down, more static combat resolution

    A third option which is very one dimentional and i just made up in another thread is also cheep and low model count:
    4x5 Warhounds (screens/diverters)
    4x5 Marauder Horse with flails MoK (20 attacks, 5 wounds, 6+ AS)
    2x5 Knights, MoK (25 attacks, 5 wounds, 1+AS )
    2x4 Ogres, CA, GW, Mok (16 attacks, 12 wounds, 4+AS)

    1480 points + Characters

    Hope this helps.
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    I would go for 2 Battalion boxes and 4 boxes of Marauder Horsemen (I did and it works great).
    The Marauders' heads are hideous, but give them the heads of the Horsemen and you get beautiful models. Also, remove the chains of the flails and replace them with axeheads and you got great weapons who look stunning.
    The trick is to have all the bits available when you start, and not become daunted by the sheer amount of work ahead of you. Make one unit at the time, start with the marauders, continue with the warriors, horsemen and knights.
    Last edited by Mr_Wayne; April 11th, 2009 at 10:07.
    "The more choices you force the opponent to make, the better the chance for you to capitalize on his mistakes"

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