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    A couple simple questions I've been unable to resolve

    I'm still fairly new to the game, so bear with me. First off, am I using Frenzy wrong? After reading the rules on it I've been counting my appropriately marked units as starting out with frenzy and keeping it until they lose a round of combat. Is this how it's done? Secondly, does Skull of Katam stack? I've been using only one, but if I were to give it to my 2nd sorcerer and keep him next to the first would they both get a +2 bonus?

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    Unless they have the banner of rage, they will lose their frenzy after their first lost round of combat (aka you having to take a break test)

    If they go the whole game without losing combat, then they keep it the whole game, if they lose combat on turn 2, then its gone for the rest of the game

    As for the skull, and with all magic items, you can not take doubles of them. Only one of each is allowed, and one of each "type" is allowed per character as well. For example you can only take 1 type of magical weapon on a chaos lord, and only 1 magical item from the "armor" section. Where this will most likely come into play is for caster hero's and trying to stack up spell / power familiars and other type things....it would be nice but can't be done.

    Regardless of that rule, there can only be 1 of each magic item in your army. Only 1 skull of katam, only 1 helm of many eyes, only 1 banner of rage etc...Only item I know of that can break this rule is dispel scrolls, as you can have as many of them as you like, points limits providing.

    Some of the demon and vampire powers that their heros and lords can take duplicates of the "blood powers" or demonic gifts. This is a rarity among armies, but also a good indicator of why Demons and Vamps are overpowered, among other things (having a cheesy combo of magic items / powers and knowing you only have to face it on one character is one thing, but having it pop up on every hero they have is quite another altogether). For most armies though, this isnt the case and they have the same constraints we do.

    Hope that helps
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