A lot of you WoC players take pride in the strength of your lists. Well, here's the chance to put our money where your mouth is.

I'll be running a Votewar, as linked to here. Inevitably, these things are a lot of fun, and a lot of entrants come out looking forwards to the next one (and even wanting to organise one, in some cases), but we need entrants.

This is a good chance to test out your list against that of other LO members, to establish how it would run in a simulated game situation (useful for tweaking and suchlike), and generally a load of fun can be had. Plus, voting can be a shameless way to raise your post count We do not condone spamming. You have pretty much nothing to lose, entry is extremely simple, and you can get your friends to register to see if you do better than them.

We have some successful WoC lists here at LO. Let's see that translate to success on the Votewar fields!

(And while we're at it, voters will be needed to vote on the matches)