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Thread: WoC vs. Any

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    WoC vs. Any

    I have been playing fantasy for a long time, but because there haven't been many stores around me I have really only battled my friends lists since i started 6 years ago. I am entering a tourny next week, which is 2500pts, and you have to write down the army you are playing so here is the other armies

    Orcs and Goblins
    High elves
    tomb kings
    and 2 other WoC
    Thats all that was signed up at the time.

    So my question: What to expect from these Armies! I have never lost to my friends orcs and goblins or his high elves. I haven't played my brothers dark elves yet (but they aren't even in the tourni). And i never lost to my friends empire, i lost once to his ogres (with the old rule book), and he sold his tomb kings before i could play those. So I have never played these armies, or at least in a competative sense. Here is what I have come to expect from the armies above.

    OnG: lots of fanatics! to which i will use dogs to flush em out and spells to maybe make them flee.
    HE: Teclis even though my sister has a better stat line he will be protected, also lots of bolt throwers
    VC: lots of magic and raising the dead
    Brits: all cavalry
    TK: Chariots

    So did i guess right? What else should i look out for and how can i beat these weak armies and claim glory for the Gods?

    Oh i will be using a Daemon Prince, Festus, Warriors and knights. Could also use some advice on what to take in my army.

    Repainting Orks not sure how many points yet
    Warriors of Chaos shelved until further notice

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    From the Tomb Kings you have to watch out for the casket of souls and their Magic...I am not hundred per cent sure how but they can charge with chariots on turn 1 through magic, so you should pay attention while deploying your army and also be careful which spells to dispel.

    Vampires have ethereal units which cant be damaged by mundane weapons. Thus, keep your knight's ensorcelled weapons.

    Be sure to take the Bloodcurdling Roar on your demon prince, as that will seriously damage the Brettonian army.

    Apart from teclis, Highelves might also throw in a dragon or two, so watch out for that str 7 star dragon as he can hurt a lot.

    As for what you can take in your army...i think you'd better post an army list around which we can work, and ask for opinions and crit.

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