my first tournament - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    my first tournament

    Hey guys, it's been a while since i've posted here and that's not because i don't like my warriors anymore. I've been challenging anybody with a fantasy army in a few kilometers radius... Not too many games but enough to give me some experience with the army that i'm playing.

    Since i have joined a nearby gaming club games have started to come more often and i have upgraded my 1k list to a 2250list but haven't played it alot yet.
    But now i heard that the club is going to organise a tournement in 2 months and i can get in if i want too. It has the following rules that i know of:

    1999points ( no lords)
    only 1 single model of 200+ points ( to avoid stega spam)
    no special characters

    now i need you guys to help me out with some tactical advise on how to do this.

    What is it that every list needs if you don't know what you're up against?

    also i like footslogging lists my self with alot of characters (i love the idea of a single model wrecking an army on it's own) but i have found that warmachines are hard to take out with this kind of army since we don't have and range units and it takes me a long time to get there. does anyone have any tips for this because it really did cost me the game last time.

    any tips will be nice and if you guys want it i'll post my armylist in the armylist section so you can comment on that.


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    sounds like fun.

    I think every WoC army should have plenty of marauder horsemen. I like dragon ogres and knights for killing heavily armored things.

    I love my flying discman of Tzeentch because of the many roles he can play.

    I think 2 lvl 2 mages (maybe nurgle or nurgle and tzeentch with a scroll or two) would be good to add some magical kick as well as magic defense.

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    It's tricky with an all-comers list at a tournament, because there will be alot of 1 sided lists out there, as well as those that are balanced. If you focus on one strenth, you will get rolled against those that have the counter for it. If you go balanced, you risk getting overpowered anyways. I reccomend going with what you feel most comfortable/familiar with, with 1 or 2 tricks you haven't used before.

    I myself tend to go minimal with characters and max out on eleit troops. I don't ushually out-number my oponents, but I do outnumber their harder troops with my own potent troops. let my troops do the walking.

    Chaos does have a bit of an edge at 1999 points as they can tool up a mage to act similar to a level 3, and 2-3 nurgal mages spamming beubos will wear out the most horrible characters that you might face. Once characters are gone, you will find few troop choices that can go toe-to-toe with the WoC.

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    Well, there are 2 things that always work, speed and magic. And even if you dont like magic, you do need at least 1 maybe 2 units of 5 marauder horsemen (preferably with flails, light armour and mark of khorne) to take out stuff like warmachines/missile units/light infantery/light cavaly or just perform supporting flank charges.

    As for magic, in the tournement list in designed, i have:
    1 sorceror lord on disc (lvl4)
    3 lvl 2 on discs (of wich one absolutely needs to have thwe infurnal puppet)
    3x5 marauder horsemen
    2 units of knights

    now in know this is kind of extreme but it can handle about everything, you just have to stick the wizzards togheter and fly to the extreme flank where you start to finish units off with the combined magic power, pandemonium, flickiring fire, treason of tzeetch, those are your real tools. There are very little things that can stand against t6hat fior more than 1 turn.

    But since you like footslogger armies, take a lot of warriors/ marauders and marauder horsemen coppled with 1 or 2 exalted and 2 lvl2 sorcerors.

    hope this helped you

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