How do kill that damn Keeper of Secrets?! - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    How do kill that damn Keeper of Secrets?!

    Hey having a few problems against DoC.
    in particular a Keeper of Secrets who is too fast to avoid and i really struggle to kill on account of the whole you need to take multiple ld tests to att and he keeps in close to the -2 ld banner they get, that can get wose if the masque is nearby. common this seems to be a fairly tactic atm but i still havent worked out a reliable way of countering it.
    Also he tends to make a sorcerer lord on disc either run away or charge him with the siren song... neither of which i like having to do with a very expensive lord...
    suggestions on what in the WoC army is best suited to tackling this monstrosity.

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    Sounds like you need to take that Lord off the disc for a start. Then start handing out the Mark of Slaanesh (or Khorne if you're up to it), that immediately makes the Masque and Banner of Despair less useful.

    Make sure you have a couple of scrolls to take down the important spells, then get into combat as soon as possible. Unless your opponent has got some Nurgle daemons in there, your knights and warriors should have an edge over Daemonettes in combat.

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    Keeper is nasty, but you have to remember that it only has a 5+ ward.

    Lore of slanesh ignores a lot of psychology an leadership tests that they may cause (I know the masque is different) You can also attach some MR to your important units so they can more easily deflect those stupidity spells easier.

    For combating the masque, your knights with warbanner ought to do allright, she'll have to test on her leadership and start out-3 and more if you can cause a wound. She doesn't hit that hard vs. knights.

    Against the keeper, you can only charge if you can see, so position your disc sorceror so that he's mooning the enemy. Then you can gateway from behind terrain or magic missile him down to manageable size. I think for a Tz sorceror, the Regen talisman would help, but you've got to use your improved maneuverability to help you. You'll have a hard time fighting the keeper do to it's better WS, AP attacks, Terror, etc.

    I'd still be concerned about a lord on a disc, He'd probably fair better, but could still have trouble in a fight due to the ASF and -4 to armorsaves and reroll wounds, outnumber/fear, etc.

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    I feel your pain! I faced this army a couple of times. The best way to deal with it is to have your heroes as manouverable as possible so that you are able to hunt his masque and his standard bearer.

    As bucker already said, making your wizard face the other way, away from the keeper will make siren song unaffective.

    Now the best weapon to bring him down is of course magic. Either gateway or rot glorious rot as these don't need a line of sight in order to hit and damage your enemy.

    Also if you want to win you have to take out the more expensive units, like the flamers or any other rare choice he has.

    The best lord setup i found against the keeper was the sorcerer lord on dragon because you can easily avoid the keeper, keeping your distance but sill be ale to hurt him effectively with magic.

    Alsoif you manage to get him into combat with a helcannon you have at least 2 combat rounds sae from the demon running around.

    However it is a tough matchup and there is not a specific recipe to win against this army. All you can try to do is kill the heroes especially the masque and the BSB in order to destroy his ld bomb machine, and then attempt to kill the keeper.

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