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    New WoC player seeking advice

    Hi there,

    So I am not new to fantasy (though returning after a years absence) and have got my hands on some Warriors of Chaos. I love the raw power of the army and the variety of setups you can field.

    However, the more and more I look at the book, I feel I will need to go two ways to be competitive:

    1) All Cav / monster list with knights, Dragon Ogres, Giants and Shaggoths
    2) Magic Heavy.

    however, I like the idea of balanced lists, I'm just not a cheesy list kind of player. But is a mixed list involving those expensive slow chaos warriors workable?

    On a different note, do people think it is work paying an extra 100 points basic to get a chaos lord over an exalted champion?

    Thanks for any input on a new soul trying to find his way to the Realm of Chaos.

    Will Adams

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    Without going into specifics, my usual "friendly-competitive go-to" list goes like this:

    Chaos Lord

    Level 2 unmarked

    Level 2 unmarked

    BSB (no magic banner)

    24 marauders with light armor and shields

    2 units of horsemen

    2 units of warhounds

    1 unit of knights

    1 unit of 10 chosen


    Hellcannon OR unit of great weapon Ogres

    This gives me a good mix of units, with two units of fast cav, 2 units of cheap redirectors (and deployment stallers,) 2 rock-hard footslogger units, scary knights, fairly scary ogres or Hellcannon, and 7 power dice and a scroll (I usually take Book of Secrets and Infernal Puppet.) At my local shop, where people usually play what I would consider to be hard friendly lists, I've probably got a 70% win rate with this list. I've taken it to a 3 round tourney and a 5 round tourney and finished above middle of the pack in both.

    Take heart, balanced lists can work! And if you're local playing environment isn't conducive to balanced play, hit a few of your regulars with the 14 PD Tzeentch army we can field at 2250 and see if that doesn't convince them to tone their shit down.

    Edit: To answer the last part of your quote, yes I always field a Chaos Lord over an exalted to be my general. A chaos army is meant to see combat, and my theory is this: for 100 points you get an extra attack, weapon skill, initiative, toughness, wound, and extra magic item points to make him more killy or survivable. The biggest thing, to me, is the extra toughness. A T5 general is worth his weight in gold, and if you have an exalted as your general and he dies it has cost you that 100 point difference (that you could have spent on a Lord) just in bonus victory points for your opponent.
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