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    Has anyone tried this?

    Has anyone tried set up like this:

    Unit of Knights (8 ), MoT, Blasted Standard

    Blasted standard gives 5+ ward save against shooting, with MoT it's 4+, Archaon gives another -1 to hit for shooting, and some protection against spells. I also thought about fielding a couple of sorcerers ( 2 dispel scrolls, infernal puppet and hoping for pandaemonium spell)

    I know it's a lot of points and there is not going to be much else on the table, but a unit like this looks quite unstoppable for me, once in close combat it should go through any enemy.
    Tell me what you think.

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    You don't need that many knights, 6 will do. In my last couple of games I have been fielding 6 knights with MoT and Blasted Standard, they are hard as nails with their 4+ ward save. The closest I got to your set up was adding a Chaos Lord. Now add Archaon to the unit and I totally agree that it looks unstoppable but only once in close combat. Getting in close combat will be difficulty against good players. For example one of my usual opponents plays high elves and always field 2 great eagles which usually end up 1" in front of my cavalry. My knights often lose 2 extra turns to get rid of those (which means I am in combat by turn 4, if I'm lucky 3). I actually lost a game because I added a Chaos Lord and he end up doing next to nothing in the game.

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