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    ALL Khorne... Almost... 2000

    Thoughts on something a little unconventional, i don't know if it will work, Lore of Metal will wreck it all...

    Chaos Lord, MoK, Jugger, Chaos Runesword, Crown of Everlasting Conquest, Shield - 385

    Exalted Hero, MoK, Jugger, BSB, Enchanted Shield, Armor of Morrslieb, Flail - 254

    Chaos Sorcerer, 2x Scroll, Chariot - 235

    Chaos Sorcerer, 2x Scroll, Chariot - 235

    5x Marauder Horsemen w Flails, MoK
    5x Marauder Horsemen w Flails, MoK
    5x Marauder Horsemen w Flails, MoK

    5x Chaos Knights, MoN, Banner of Rage, Standard Bearer, Musician - 295
    5x Chaos Knights, MoK, Standard Bearer, Warbanner - 275

    I'd love to fit some dogs... but don't know where to pull the points from.

    Do you think it would work? the plan is rush in there and SMASH FACE.

    Almost everythign is Frenzied... the list basically plays itself!

    BSB goes with MoK knights to make for an uber RnF killy unit with high combat res for a unit of 6 (BSB, Warbanner, standard Bearer) to break units on the charge. Armor of Morrslieb and ench shiled for high armor and a good ward vs mundane weapons. 5 S7 attacks, -1 Armor, 4+ ward vs mundane.

    Lord is great for the same, also in challenges, Regen and improved statline for the Runesword. 7 S6 WS 9 attacks, 4+ regen, 0+armor.

    That also means that both knight units have Magic Resistance (1) to add to the 4DD i have, If forced to weather more than 3 rounds of magic I've done something very wrong, and will suffer for it.


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    Well .... Although I find korne the coolest god there is ... and I too am a follower .
    But Korne's raw power will be at his best when combined with other units. Any expierenced player will play with your units. Butwhen you use hounds/horsemen of slaanesh e.t. YOU have much more control over what you want to do with those badass killers.

    And I also think that you use way to many points for 2 units. I mean paying 680 PTS for one unit WICH will be baited around the battlefield for allmost the entire batte is a waste IMO.

    However I would equip my korne lord in allmost the same way as you did. Only killing blow would hurt.

    To make this list much more effective and then still don't change to much:

    - I Would drop the marks of your horsemen and change it into slaanesh ... this will save you 20 points a unit.... so 60 points can be saved. With these points you can get 2 units of 5 hounds to prevent your knights from chasing each moving thing out there. And now you can also let the horsemen do this role. So now you have 5 units to keep control.
    - I would also try to make both your expensive units cost a little less.... I would drop both magical banner on the knights. And change the mark of nurgle into korne. With a unit like that they won't loose the frenzy much (unless flanked e.t.). And you allready have a bsb and pure power so a warbanner wont be nessesary IMO.
    You have more use with a 5+ ward save in the shooting fase (forgot the name).

    Off-course these are just some thoughts to make it better without changing to much.... You would get a lot of spare points wich you can use on some other goodies.
    But if you don't like it don't feel bad of ignoring me .

    Hope I could help.

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