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Thread: vs WE or OK

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    vs WE or OK

    To avoid two threads, i decided to combine these.

    My friends are starting warhammrer, one is getting back into Ogres and the other is starting wood elves and is fond of a Drycha list. I have no problem facing special characters as long as i know what to do. As I have little or no expierience against those armies, advice would be nice.

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    Ogres should be fine. Knights will take care of them. As far as gut magic is concerned, just don't let him get bone cruncher off on your knights and keep the buffs that will be game changing from happening, like making units stubborn. You're both heavy combat armies, WoC just happens to be better at it. Ogres live and die on the charge, so don't let him charge you. He probably will try to bait and flee a lot, don't fall for it.

    As far as WEs are concerned, you'll need to go magic heavy to kill all those pesky guys in the woods. Target priorities are the waywatchers and arcanebodkin/alter/lords. Flickering fire works great, buboes won't hurt. Maybe try a hell cannon. Spawns aren't bad either to protect your rear/flank. They probably have the best ability to go into the woods.

    I don't know anything about the special characters though
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