I am just starting to build up a 7th ed. army and need some help. I had 6th ed. hordes army, and after separating the deamons from the warrors, the only WoC that remain in my set are:

Lord of Tzeentch,
Champion of Chaos,
Chaos Champion of Khrone, and
Chaos Champion of Slaanesh.

Basically, i'm planning on building a WoC army around these pieces.

I am looking to pick up infantry men, although, after reading other tactics, I am tempted to go the mounted route.

I want to get a basic army going, but not sure if i should get a regiment box, or buy individual boxes of units.

I want to start off in a slow/medium pace, so i thought a regiment box would be a good start, but if that means that i will just be chucking those units once i get more competitive, i would rather save the money and go for WHAT WORKS.

My friend has a small ~1500pt army of lizardmen, and dark elves. He;s he only one i play consistently. i don't want to go overboard/beyond a size that can deal with that. Looking to have it well rounded (some basic melee, casters, support etc.).

I have no clue where to start re: what's competitive now.

Your help is appreciated. THANKS!