Topic of the Week - Choas Lord - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Topic of the Week - Choas Lord

    This is the start of a new series, that will hopefully bring new ideas and tactics to the forums. Each week, a new topic will be posted up about a different unit in the army book. This gives you your chance to discuss the unit to its fullest. So, please leave your comment!

    This week's topic is - Chaos Lord

    What marks do you feel is best for him? What unit do you put him in? Why would you use him over the other options? What items do you use with him?



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    Chaos Lord of Nurgle @ 399 Pts
    Mark of Nurgle; Shield
    Chaos Runesword
    Armour of Damnation
    Word of Agony
    Barded Chaos Steed

    He's got 6 str 6 attacks at WS9, better than a dragon. No one will ever hit him on a 3, and anything with WS5 or less will only hit him 1 out of 9 attacks. And anyone with WS6 or higher will only hit 1 out of every 4 attacks.

    Word of agony is just there for all those pesky assassins and such that only need to get 1 shot through to kill the guy.
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    There are 3 main reasons to take a chaos lord:

    1. You want a LD9 general.
    2. You are interested in using the Chaos Deamon Sword or Hellfire Sword.
    3. You want a point denial hero that isn't afraid of combat.

    If you're not looking for at least one of those reasons, you're probably better off using 2 exalted instead.

    That being said, there are several nasty combinations you can do with the Chaos Lord. Pinkus has mention is favourite, well here are mines:

    The Duelist:
    Chaos Lord, Axe of Khorne, Chaos Runeshield, Favours of the Gods.

    The "I am not afraid of cannon balls":
    Chaos Lord, MoT, Shield, Axe of Khorne, Talisman of Protection, Crimson Armour of Dargan.

    The Berserker:
    Chaos Lord, MoK, Juggernaut, Enchanted Shield, Chaos Deamon Sword.

    --- EDIT ---
    Someone should take the time to compile comments for all topic of the weeks and put them in the WoC tactica.
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