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    2250 WoC list for scrutinising.

    So, I have been playing this list for a while trying to fine tune it. I am not using a sorc lord becuase I don't like him and I know how to control frenzy well. So please have a look at my list and tell us what you think.

    Chaod lord with MoK, jugger, crimson armor, aethersword, phylactery, shield, sophoric musk
    exalted with MoN, Book, roar, BSB, enchanted shield, GW- he chooses shadow then dark steed and flies about hunting war machines and chariots etc.
    sorc with MoT, disk, lvl2, spell fam, golden eye
    sorc with MoN, lvl2, pwr fam, deaths head
    5 knights with muso and standard, MoT, blasted standard
    5 knights with musoand standard, BoR, MoN,
    2x5 m.horse, muso, slaanesh, shields, spears
    5 m.horse, muso, slaanesh, flails
    19 WoC with MoN, FC, Rap standard, shields

    The idea is the lord goes in the nurgle knights who against shooting run up the flanks or against combat go up the guts, the other knight unit takes the opposite postition. The EoC block with sorc hold the line, the disk guy goes about harrassing and hopefully gets pando against magic so he can shut down the phase. You can see above what the exalted does. The exalted can also get off a flank charge to support a unit or be used as a last ditch attempt at holding up thinkg lke peg knights, he may die but it normally takes a few rounds.

    So, tell us what you think.

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    I use a similar list, and it is quite effective. I would however put some warhounds in your list as cannon fodder. They can be placed in front of your knights to reduce the shooting that you might take. I know the marks that you have on them make it difficult to wound those units with shooting, but the 30 points per 5 dogs can save you against a heavy shooting army.

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    First off, post this in the army list section.

    Now I would drop deaths head and spell familiar for 2 scrolls. Also that is a lot of points invested in that warrior block, i might just make it a unit of 12 with banner of rage and halberd/shield, and then support it with a marauder block, or some spawn.

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