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    1500 Woc vs high eleves help needed

    OK so i played my friend today, we had three games at the 1500pt level.

    High Elves:
    two level Two mages with lore of metal.
    two units of 10 archers
    two rbt
    5 Ellyrian Reavers
    17 spearmen
    and 9 dragon princes

    i took

    Exalted hero, Shield, Juggernaut, MoK, Sword of Might, Collar of Khorne
    Chaos Sorcerer level two, power familiar and dispel scroll

    2 units of 12 chaos warriors MoN, musician and standard
    5 horsemen, flails, musician and standard

    5 chaos knights musician and standard, rapturous standard
    2 chaos chariots

    well what happens is he deploys 25inchs away and uses his reavers to march block my core units ( i know now to put my horsemen behind my army to try and stop these).
    he puts each rbt at either side of his army (not sure if you can do this as they have to be in the same unit to have 2) and then a unit of archers either side.

    so the game begins and he doesn't move at all uses his shooting phase and magic to kill my men, and moves his reavers around my rear and march blocks.

    he waits for my knights to get into range of his dragon princes and then charges, 11 attacks at strength 5 hurts and i can’t roll so always ends with me loosing combat and running, then i get chased down. his rbt go for my chariots using the volley shot thing so 6 attacks str4 -2 armour save.
    also uses the lore of metal to kill my knights.
    so once my chariots are down and he's killed my knights i have 24 chaos warriors and 5 horsemen left the warriors can only move 4 inch and are subjected to turn after turn of magic and kills from shooting.

    i take lore of tzeentch and find it fairly ineffective against high elves, don't know what to take really.
    The gist of all this is i cant get anywhere near his men as he doesn’t move and I get march block.

    kind of just a rant and probably just my bad tactics/play style or just down to the fact that if i roll 2 dice its almost guaranteed that one will be the roll of one!
    Was just wondering what kind of an army you take against high elves and how to you try and beat. Any tips/help would be much appreciated as i play against high elves most weeks.

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    High elves are elite in nature, meaning: if they arent in the fight they wana be in, they shouldnt be there. Answer: take the fight to him. Get up in his face ASAP to limit the number of magic and shooting phases you will face. Your knights and marauder horsemen are your ace in the hole here.

    Make sure your knights have magic resistance, and against the high elves you really dont need the rapturous standard; if your loosing combat to them, your doing something wrong. I would say make your current knights marked with Tzeentch, and give them the blasted standard. That gives them a 4+ ward vs all shooting. Stick um with your character with MR (2) and you got one dead hard unit that he needs to focus on.

    if you are not magic heavy against High elves then you should just keep him as a cheap scroll caddy, or get another exalted instead. (my personal favorite is a BSB on a juggernaut and fury of the blood god) What you should do with your caster is keep him in the back out of a unit, and only have him lvl 1. he is there to have 360 LOS to stop scouts and to carry those D. Scrolls.

    other than that, you got the right ideas for your troops, MoN to thin out the shooting, possibly get shields in there becasue of ASF.

    I'm not real sure about the chariots; I personally would drop them in favor of more cavalry, simply because it will present more targets for his stuff to choose from. Maybe even a few spawn to cover your armies rear.

    heh, rear...buttocks.
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