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Thread: New to FB

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    New to FB

    I've been looking into Fantasy for a long time, as I'm tired of the constant "Here's a new army, buy this" of 40k. I decided tha WoC is the army for me, but I dont know much about them besides our Warriors of Chaos are great but expensive. Can you fill me in on some of the details of our army, such as popular tactics, popular units, etc.?

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    The big thing at the moment to realy consider is that warhammer fantasy 8th edition is out in a few months (as long as its not held back), and changes in the rules could very likely make current army combinations impossible to take due to restrictions and limits. The main worry for alot of people is the predicted change to percentage point limits on Characters/Core/Special and Rare. The only real concern is going to be the percentage restriction on characters which is rumoured to be around 25%. With WoC characters being so good, but as with all WoC so expensive, at 25% of your army cost max alowed on characters it may mean some 2000pt armies fielding no more than a Lord and Hero or three Hero options.

    But anyway thats for the future to worry about.

    Basicaly if you can get into combat with WoC theres a very good chance you are going to win. The problem can be getting thier in one piece r in strong enough numbers to make a difference once you do get thier. The two options are realy to bunker down with chaos warrior units who are screened by warhound units to block some missile fire, maybe with a cheap knight unit to give some flanking ability. The idea here is that you will get more models than the second option (coming up), so you can except some losses from rock solid troops, but you can find that if not supported right then it is a slow list that could falter if greatly outnumbered by horde lists which can do massive damage like skaven. Suppot your Warrior units with a warshrine, and it is not uncommon to take with you a hellcanon (so named because its a hell of a thing to try to put together) which can force your opponent to start comming towards you or be hit with cannon shells. Chosen are a nice foot sloging troop but alot of people would rather just take warriors due to the points cost. a medium sized unit of 12-15, after upgrades and banners and command can take a full quarter if not more of your army, but will drop to missile fire just as easy as a warrior.

    The second and more favoured choice (from what i have observed) is the cavalry lists. This basicaly is a missile strike list that needs to hit hard and fast with some manouverability to. It quickly throws WoC units into combat which is were they excel, minimising the time your opponent has to react and deal with your units. The problem is that in a cavalry list, after the essential upgrades etc, every model is worth the cost of 3 in your list and the loss of them can soon become aparent if not enough make it across the board into combat. These lists are often small (as all WoC are) and so a game plan of what you intend to do is important beforehand otherwise you cn end up running in circles whislt your opponent wins the game.

    Although combat seems the masive way to go with WoC, another favoured tactic and army build is to make a fast or even sometimes balanced army, but with the characters as Tzeentch wizards. Often a Lvl 4 Lord and two Lvl 2s (i have on ocasion seen three lvl 2s) all flying about on the Tzeentch flying discs. The goal here is to target the prized unit and characters of your opponent with the wizards and if you dont bring them down under sheer weight of fire then the top Tzeentch spell "Infernal Gateway", has the potential to pull and entire unit inside in a single go, potentialy winning the game there and then. The rest of the army is for mopping up and absorbing attention for your wizards.

    A unit that people are finding a must in WoC are the Marauder Horsemen. The best use has been to use them as high damage sacrifice units, giving them mark of Khorne and flails, and charging them straight at the enemy line. Being Frenzied they are immune to psychology so are not going to run from panic, so your opponent must either take them down, leaving your hard hitting unit unscaved, or ignor them and watch as a unit (of 5 at WS4) deals out 10 S5 attacks and 10 S3 all for a quite cheap cost relativly for WoC.

    These are just a few bits though. Hope it helps.

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