Hey guys just looking for some advice about lizardmen, especially with temple guard block+becalming cognitation slaan. I run a pretty standard nurgle dragon list, and have been grudged at an up and coming ETC rules tournament by a lizards player who runs the mentioned combo. This means I only have 9 power dice in play, and with becalming seriously hampering my dragons casting I feel like I'll be on the back foot most of the game.

One idea I had was to play quite defensivley untill my dragon is in position behind the template guard (think breath weapon, joke intended) then surge forward in an attempt to put serious pressure on the lizards palyer. The early turns would be dedicated to casting a combination of flickering fire, buboes and cloying quagmire (that last one specificly on the engine of the gods, to try and take it down before it powns my knights).

So what do you guys think, do I have the right idea or should I rethink my battle plan? If you need a copy of the list I'll post it, don't think its necessary right now