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    Expanding Chaos Army


    I picked up a Warriors of Chaos force at a GW store auction last year. I've only hada few gaesm with 7th ed but along with a grop of firends we're starting a campaign. I've been told this wll escalate up. So I have a small force currently and lokking to expand it. Here is what I have:


    One Khorne champion on Juggernaught
    One foot slogger chaso hero (considering BSB conversion)
    One mounted sorcerer


    20 Marauders on foot
    10 mounted Mauraders
    10 Chaos Warhounds
    20 Chaos Warriors (painted as two seperate units of ten)


    5 Chaos Knights
    2 Chariots


    2 Chaos Spawn

    What I'm considering i picking up a battalion box to let me make a big block of maruaders, get me a second unit of knights or allow me to expand my orginal one. Th chaos warrios I can split to make improve the unit sizes of the two I have as ten seems far too small and the warhounds I don't think can really go a miss.

    So with £50 spent I'm expecting to have £80-£100 spare to flesh out the force and give me options.

    The thing is I am unsure where to go from here. Options I am considering

    Where would you go if you had the choice with the models and resources I've presented above and why?

    I'm torn between upping the maruader horsemen getting a sorcerer on a disk and foot slogger sorcerer and then possibly a warshrine (read tie a spawn to a crypt cart) to give me a mobile force with a bit of added spell power or...

    Get a hell cannon a unit of ogres (converting Ogre Kingdom plastics for cost and aesthetics), 2 foot slogging sorcerers and up the foot slogging maruders to build a counter charge force.

    I will be paying against mostly Ogre Kingdoms, Vampire Counts and probably high elves and empire or lizardmen.

    I'm not looking for highly competitve as we'll be playing casually I hope .

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    I'm nowhere near an expert like some of the folks here (I've played two games of Chaos, though won both.) I'd pick up another box of warriors to toughen up those ten man units. It isn't as fun as most things, but a solid foundation will make sure your house stays up. Otherwise, I've kind of grown to dislike spawn (in both games they died easily. I may suck with them, but yeah.) Honestly what I'd do for the shrine is take either some plasticard or foam board, cut out a chaos symbol, put it on a wooden dowel, and put THAT on top of some spare corpse cart bits (could probably find those pretty easy on the internet.) That's what I plan on doing. If you plan on keeping your spawn, it'll make sure you stay at 2 strong and you won't have to buy more just to make a shrine. Like I said I'm nowhere near as awesome as some of the folks on here, but that's my two cents.
    "It is only the great men who are truly obscene. If they had not dared to be obscene, they could never have dared to be great."

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    You can never have too many warriors.
    If a Million Guardsmen die, that's a statistic. If one marine dies, that's a tragedy.

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