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    The Shadow Master's Warband 1250pts (First army list)

    Hello my first post here just joined today, so hi everyone!

    I am looking to paint up my first 1250pts. I have started to paint a unit of warriors in slannesh colours (might regret that) so they will be included. I am going to be fighting a friends dark elf force so have come up with a list. If it helps I know he normally only buys plastics, so should indicate what he will field. I have been hitting e-bay myself so have access to pretty much anything.

    Anyway here goes...

    The Shadow master
    Socerer Lord 235
    Blood of tzeentch 30 265

    The Shadow apprentice
    Exalted Champion 110
    Book of Secrets (Shadow) 25
    Stream of Corruption 20 155

    The Hounds of Norsca
    5 Warhounds 30
    5 Warhounds 30 60

    The Shrine of the Gods - The alter to the shadow world
    chaos Warshrine 130 130

    The furious of the darkness
    17 warriors 255
    Mark of khorne 30
    Halberds and shields 34
    Musician&Standard 12 337

    The promiscuous in the half-light
    17 warriors 255
    Mark of Slannesh 30
    Shields 17
    Musician&Standard 12 300

    Total 1247pts

    The plan is two use the hounds to disrupt his set-up. I will then use the shadow magic to lower his stats, in particular his initiative (will have at least two Miasmas), and the warshrine to boost mine as the two warrior units advance with the shrine in the centre. If the sorcerer is in a combat I don't like the look of I can swap him over with the champ using the shadow magic.

    It would seem to make some sense to put the champ in the khorne unit and the sorcerer in the slannesh. I think the warshrine will help in close combat, and it means the whole force advance as one and hit his line as one.

    I would love to here any ideas/feedback on this force as I'm really wanting to get a 1250pt force settled on before I paint anything else. Of course if this army is completely wrong for fighting dark elves please say so.


    Edit: Ok not a good start this shouldn't be here it should be in the army list section I have just seen and I cant see how to move it sorry.

    Last edited by ladrial; August 4th, 2010 at 00:04.

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    this thread belongs under army lists not the general forum, you'll see the thread at the top of the list

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