Throgg and Trolls - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Throgg and Trolls

    what do you guys think of using Hill Troll Chieftain Buhrdur from the lord of the rings as throgg
    Hill Troll Chieftain Buhrdur | Games Workshop

    and these guys as trolls
    Gamezone Miniatures - Fantasy Tabletop Shop - Chaos Troll I M-04
    Gamezone Miniatures - Fantasy Tabletop Shop - Chaos Troll II M-05
    Gamezone Miniatures - Fantasy Tabletop Shop - Chaos Troll III M-06

    these trolls look much better than the GW's (if a bit hairy though)

    would these be about the right size and do u think they look cool/ would they look good togeather in a unit or wld thogg stand out too much

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    BurDhur is a nice Model however he is rather small. He's about the same size as the normal GW Trolls. How about grabbing the Isenguard or Mordor Trolls? They pretty large in comparison to normal Trolls and could be a good representation for Throgg.

    The Game Zone Trolls look alright. I've no idea anout the size as I couldn't find anything there with a scale. As for if they look cool, surely that's up to you? It's your army at the end of they day so go with what you think looks good.

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    Most all of the Gamezone stuff is scaled specifically for Warhammer, so you should be fine size-wise. I have a couple of champion figures from them (one Grail Knight champ and one Empire General) and they are very cool metal figures with lots of details - although, sometimes too much as they can be a bit 'busy'...

    I think they are great figures for the price, so if you like them better, go for it. Just have to watch some tournies that only let you play with a limited number of non-GW figures.

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