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    Help vs. Bloody-Thirtser

    I played the shortest game of Fantasy ever, two days ago. I had a single turn in before I was hit by a bloodthirster. Right into a regiment of 11 Chaos Knights with an Exalted. They didn't even leave a mark, and he killed 6 of them. They broke and ran, through Festus and his regiment of 17 Khorne Warriors with 2xHW. 31 poisoned attacks later, and I've only inflicted 2 wounds out of 6, and he's killed nearly half the regiment.

    My question to you is: how do we deal with that beast?! I'm confident that my blocks will bounce any mansized enemy they take head on, but I don't have the weaponry to knock out a Thirster. The thing flies, so he'll avoid whatever regiment I can tailor for his demise.

    In tomorrows tournament, I know I'll be up against atleast one player with one, using Obsidian Armor, T6, S10, Hatred, and a crazy Ini. I theory tested all of our big stuff like Cannons, Shaggies, and Giants, and they all die after a single round, usually failing to leave a scratch on him. I run Shadow and Nurgle magic, at 2500pts.

    Pts Values for AoS here!

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    A few ideas:
    Maybe a hero with Helm of Many Eyes, Potion of Speed and Axe of Khorne? first strike and killing blow
    Lore of Slaanesh: Dillusions - send running off to some corner.
    Lore of Death: Doom and Darkness, + Helm of Discord. (no attacks, free hits)
    Glave of Putrefication, Blasphemous Amulet and Potion of Toughness. (Tough it out for one round and kill next)
    Pidgeon Plucker Pendant, Featherfoe Torc, and Lore of Heavens (Urannon's Thunderbolt, d6+Str6 PLUS d6+str4 hits on one guy) fliers must die, also ruins his Hatred.

    Hope these help you find some sort of solution.
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    I agree with the helm of many eyes, although the killing blow wont do much against a monster. I think it mixes well with the glaive of putrefication.

    If you allready sent in your armylist, the one you made this week, then i guess you're going with Tzeentch spells, which isnt the best of lores against a thirster, maybe a lucky roll on infernal gateway, or perhaps turn your guys into exalted with the lvl 5 spell.
    I dont think you can really avoid a fight with them atm, intercept his support units and maybe you'l get a combined charge off somehow.
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    I think the Glaive and helm of many eyes in tandem may be your best bet.

    Or take a Daemon Prince with the lore of Heavens, he is a flying unit so he should be vulnerable to that line of magic.
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    Obsidian armor negates magic weapons. In-fact everything stated above won't work, he's ITP, he negates magic weapons, & he has a 3+ ward against magic.

    My answer good sir is shadow magic and then more Shadow magic.

    Last time I faced a blood thirster he flew to threaten my flank. I mind razor off on my warriors and -3 str off on him. When my warriors have a larger strength value than he does, it tends to scare him off. Granted he didn't start at str 10. But the tactic can be used. If he has an obvious target, give that target the mind razor. Or reduce his toughness. Or bring a 3+ ward save Lord on disc with armor of damnation and a GW. Fly him around with the sole purpose of fighting that guy. Against other armies he's not bad neither, 5 str7 attacks where you want them, can help any combat. Problem is you'll have to get miasma from a book of secrets guy. But If you can hit the BT's WS for atleast -2, and then get this guy into combat, he'll only hit with 50% of his hits.

    But that's a little hard to do and destroys any list making methods. I'd just target the bastard with my hell cannon every turn and flee from every charge he does.
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