Had my 1st game of fantasy today
I was against orcs and goblins, it didnt go to bad and managed to fight to a draw

Level 4 sorcerer
12 warriors with extra weapon
12 warriors with halberds and shields
20 marauders with GW
10 warhounds
5 knights

everything had full command and MoS

Warboss on bore
Level 2 shaman
40 orcs
20 black orcs
4 trolls
2 doom drivers

Set up from left to right
knights -building- marauders - warshrine - warriors with halberds –forest - warriors with extra weapon – hounds
with my sorcerer in the middle

From my left
doom driver - black orcs with boss – forest – doom driver - orc horde – trolls with shaman

Turn 1
the terrain was really annoying and really restricted my movement
I moved every thing up and put my sorcerer inbetween my 2 warriors blocks
I rolled a double 1 for winds of magic but managed to channel to had 3v1
I threw them all at ex-static seizers on his horde kill 17/18 in his champ (not bad)
I put the warshrine on my marauders rolling a 6 for +1 armour (I kept re rolling every turn but kept getting 6's)

His orcs failed there Ld test but rallied in his turn
his troll smoved up to face my warriors with extra weapons
This is where it hurt
in his magic he cast that gorks warpass or whatever it is on my sorcerer taking a wound off
then then fierd his doom driver at him killing him
he fired his other 1 at my knights but it miss fired and he killed himself

Turn 2
nothing much happened
my knights and marauders moved up a bit to face off against his black orcs and my warshrine moved up in support
my warriors with halberd reformed

His orcs failed there animosity
his shaman left the trolls and the trolls moved up
he rolled ok for his winds of magic but rolled a double 1 for his 1st spell
Doom driver fired at my warshrine taking a wound

Turn 3
warshrine moved straight up ready to charge that doom driver next turn
knights moved up a bit and so did the marauders
my warriors with halberds as did my other warriors forming a straight line with my dogs behind because of the terrain (a building which stopped me from flanking him)

nothing much happened on his turn
he moved his orcs up a bit
he killed a knight with magic and I IF'd his other magic spell and his doom driver did a wond to my warshrine

Turn 4
warshrine charged his doom driver and warriors with extra weapons charged his trolls
marauders moved up a bit towards his black orcs
the warshrine killed his doom driver and over-runs
the warriors do 8 wounds to his trolls but he regenerates 6 of them and then vomits on my warriors killing two of them but he forgets his stomp attacks and loses by 1 runs and manages to get away

his black orc's charge my marauders which make a tactile flee to allow for my knights to get a flank charge in on them
his orcs charge my warriors with halberds but actually end up hitting my other warrior block
his magic kills my warshrine
I hack away at his orcs killing 8 or something and loosing 1 or 2 but he is steadfast and holds

Turn 5
my knights charge his black orcs in the flank killing 4 and loosing 1
I win by 1 and he failed his Ld and runs but again manages to get away
my warriors hack some more at his orcs killing 13, I break his steadfast and he runs but this time I manage to catch him but unfortunately i only have 7 warriors left and run straight in front of his warboss

his warboss charges my warriors, im forced to challenge he accepts and kills my champ and wins the combat, I run and he catches me
his black orcs still 16 strong rally and his magic kills another knight

Turn 6
my knights move into a wood to escape the black orcs and 1 fails his dangerous terrain test
my marauders move forward and warriors move towards his trolls

his black orcs charge my marauders killing them
his magic did nothing

in the end it was a very close game but with the terrain so limiting the movement it was difficult to manoeuvre with 2 of my units not doing anything and a lot of stand-off's
he got lucky with his flee rolls managing to out run me twice with his best units
next time I am going to put 5 warhounds with the sorcerer to give him some wounds
if he hadnt died so early on i think it could have been a walkover