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Thread: Fireball Fun

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    Fireball Fun

    An idea I just had for a nice Fireball themed army:

    Chosen Champion with Ruby Ring of Ruin.
    This guy shoots the first mini-fireball.

    Exalted of Tzeentch with Book of Secrets [fire].
    The next to blast away.

    Level 4 Grand-Master of Fire, Homunculus, Power Familar.
    The grand finale:
    Basically this guy can cast anything he pleases with D3 + D3 + 4 to cast!

    The nice thing about this is the zero risk of miscasting, and if the opponent fails to waste dispell dice on the early fireballs he will really suffer when the level 4 steps up to the plate.

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    It's a lot of redundancy. I'd drop the L4 for a L2, just because Fire isn't really a lore worth wasting a L4 on. 2D3+2 is nasty enough, that's basically a +6 to whatever you're casting.
    Fire focuses on killing enemy models, and not particularly quickly. Our Warriors do that exact same job far more efficiently (like comparing pruning sheers to a wood chipper).

    It would make a fun army to play, but it's not quite the strongest. I'm not saying not to try it, but it's not something that I'd personally take into a tournament setting.
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    I agree with the Captain, this is a fun army but it does not really take advantage of what WoC is best at. I might try it out for fun, seems cool.
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