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    Quick Hellcannon question

    Hi Guys

    So, I've finally started collecting my WoC army, and I have a question considering the Hellcannon.
    Does it move 3' or 6' ?

    Thanks for your help

    - Tash

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    It moves 6", the handlers are pretty much ignored for everything, apart from it's rampage check and the 5+ dwarf save it gives it

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    I reccomend re-reading the sections of the rulebook concerning monsters w/ handlers, Monster Reaction (near ridden monsters i think), stone throwers, as well the WoC book for the Hellcannon entry and the Full WoC FAQ (8th edition). The thing behaves somewhat differently now.

    The Hellcannon can be really confusing to use since it uses parts of so many rules. It is important to review them all so that you can use it, and more importantly not abuse it.


    Monster w/ handlers: Handlers are ignored in the conventional sense. It is the monster that deciceds LOS and movement/position entirely, and all that is allowed in Base to base contact in combat. When in combat against this thing, the opponent roles to hit and wound against the monster, and on a 5+ the wound is taken by a handler insted. The Handlers themselves can attack anything in contact with the monster in regular initive order. Leadership tests are taken with the LD of the Handlers. When all the handlers are gone it takes a ld test at it's own ldr. When it's ld 4 fails you roll on the monster reaction table (you are still supposed to roll the restraining roll for the HC rules, but it does not say which ones will take precidence or make rulings. If such an event occurs, the fastest way is to roll it [ex stupidy first or rampage first?]).


    has whatever range and you place the small template anywhere u want (following warmachine rules for LOS and such). The center of the small template must only touch 1 model. Roll a scatter (HC has it's own misfire chart). the model under the center takes a S10 hit, unsaved wounds are D6 wounds. All other Models under the template are hit with debries at S5 with no multiple wounds.

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