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    DrOgres/Knights/Ogres + Warshrine

    I was just pondering the idea of using a warshrine blessing on a unit that causes fear & has a hero with favor bunkered in it during turn one.

    Seems to me the worst roll possible would be +3MR or +1 attack - still awesome on Tzeentch knights or Ogres with GW's. You re-roll fear/terror of course.

    The most average roll would be +1 str. which is still very good.

    The top of the list is of course the +4WS or +1 toughness.

    So, given those possible results seems that DrOgres really lose out since they can't take marks, and are only T4 anyway. Ogres are pretty good, as they get the mark, but no LoS for the hero with favor.

    That leaves a nice block of Tzeentch knights with Rage, BSB+Pres+favor.

    What do you guys think?

    BTW: Does anyone here use DrOgres, and when? About the best use for them I can think of is hunting down the big T6 monsters with GW's and even then they are vulnerable to L8 fear tests from the ubiquitous terror all monsters seem to cause.

    PS. I once used a shrine blessing on my trolls [It was my last surviving unit and in combat] and rolled got the awesome +1 leadership! My opponent almost hurt himself laughing but a few seconds later four smelly Trolls vomited on his Britonian Lord, killing him instantly.

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    i have a friend that uses a horde of them. He has his nurgle sor. cast the regenspell on them and they get pretty nasty.

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    dragon ogres were one of my favorites for a long, long time. their crappy T4 and 4+ armour leaves them as one of the softer targets we have, perfect for archers/rifle fire. More often than not they just die without making a big impact.
    Best uses? Vs calvary (kills armour), intimidating flanks (no one wants to ignore them, they are too expensive). they arn't bad at monster hunting but it's risky, as most monsters won't have any trouble with T4 4+ armour, and plenty have regen saves.

    Their champions can be very good for headtaking VP's, but that is really pushing it.

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