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Thread: Cheap and nasty

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    Cheap and nasty

    So me and a few friends are embarking on a campaign. My task is to field a series of mark themed armies in a series of battles until eventually only one mark survives. (the fluff is that there is a struggle for leadership of a chaos hordes with various marked champs in the running). The starting size for the armies for all this is only 800 points though. So I have room for only one character.
    It's all well and good and my Slaanesh Hero led me to victory against Slaanesh demons. In fact I completely wiped out his army. Best showing against Demons ever for me, I usually struggle..
    So next up I have to go Undivided vs Chaos Dwarves. At 800 points I can't field a Killy Champ and a sorc. I am thinking complete disregard for magic and just charge in to battle.. I strongly suspect my opponent is going to go combat heavy seeing as last game he wentnheavy shooting.

    ALL THIS is the long lead up to asking. Killy undivided @<200 points? Thoughts?
    I'm thinking Helm of many eyes, sword of battle and the favor (I get a bonus campaign point for killing enemy characters, rolls on the eye of the gods table may be persistent). That gives me 5 ASF attacks which has to be good for me. I'll probably put him in a warrior unit with the frenzy banner boosting him to 6 attacks. I'm a little concerned about leaving such a big chunk of my army vulnerable to stupidity.

    Oh and last game my Slaanesh hero was combat and I took a small unit of chosen and gave the book of secrets to the champ to give myself a sneaky sorc as well. I intend to do this again but I don't want to do it too often. So it's off the table in this army. This time.

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    Just to warn you, you can field a Chaos Dwarf Lord with a 1+ Re-rollable save who has +1 str and a Great weapon (str7 all in all) all for under 200pts. That's pretty tough.

    Helm of many eyes is a cool item but it doesn't leave you many points to play with for other items. I'd grab a Halberd over sword of battle so you're wounding basic Dwarves on 2's and getting through their Heavy armour and shield.

    I'd go for.......
    Exalted Champ, Barded Steed, Halberd, HoME, Dragon Helm and the Luckstone.
    1+ Save with a re-roll on the first fail. 4 str6 attacks with ASF.

    If he has to be on foot then.......
    Exalted Champ, Halberd, Preservation, Favour, Stream of Corruption.

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    Helm of Many Eyes
    Whip of Subversion

    If his Lord really is that awesome at killing, then let him take it out on his own troops!
    Sona si Latine loqueris.

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