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    Buddy Starting with WoC


    I have a friend who's interested to start an army of Warriors of Chaos, so besides the Army book, I was wondering what he should buy to have a good start to play, looking for minimal ( 1000 ) to optimal ( 2000 ).

    He's new and doesn't know much about them, except that they look badass and they re heavy melee strong ( which he likes a lot ). I know he loves magic, so assume a Sorcerer in the bundle.

    Thanks in advance.

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    To be honest there's not really much that you can go wrong with when it comes to chaos. All of it is pretty awesome.

    Marauders - If you're going to take them take a nice big unit. If you're only playing 1000pts then 25 should do. Bigger games and 30+ for a unit. Weaponry can go either way but if he likes bashing things in combat then I suggest going to Khornate Marauders with Great weapons.
    The box doesn't come with great weapons but they're easy enough to make out of the two handed flails and normal axes. (just cut the flail chains off and stick an aze head on top of the haft)

    Warriors: The box only comes with shields and 2 hand weapons. If you want halberds you have to mail order them. If you want Tzeentch go with shields. Anything else grab halberds. 2 hand weapons does look cool though.

    Once you've got a good core of troops I'd just let him grab what ever he wants or looks cool. Chosen, Chariots and Knights are all tough as old boots and cause some serious mayhem when they get into enemy lines.

    Horsemen and Hounds are good for getting in the way and hunting down warmachines and bolt thrower etc. On paper, to a starting player, their low stats look pretty bum but he can and will make use of them.

    Characters. If he likes magic then grab him a Level 4 for a 2k game. As he's starting out and doesn't really know what to take then fire is always a good bet as it's the most visibly effective and easy to use (you just blow things up) where as the other lores require a certain amount of knowledge and skill.

    Combat characters. Well, it's chaos. You have to have one really. Either as a BSB or as some smashy nutter. I'd grab a BSB and then let yourself run wild with items and marks.

    What to buy. To be honest, 2 battle forces and a couple of characters will bag you a decent 2k force with lots of different units to have fun with. It will have enough models in there to make a nice big chompy unit of marauders, lots of warriors, dogs and Knights.

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    chaos is very fun army to play and its very forgiving so is perfect for beginners
    the box set is probably the 1st thing your friend wants to buy as it has everything you need

    il just expand on Lord Borak
    for a typical 2400point army will look like
    2 units of about 20 warriors, 1 with handweapon shield and the other shields and halberds

    1 unit of knights (i have them in a unit of 8 with a bsb as this seems to work best). use the knights to flank big scary units, they will hold there own and although will never break a unit really then can hold up just about anything

    a big unit of marauders. i run a unit of 80 marauders with great weapons and festus. make sure this unit is within range of ur BSB and they wont go anywhere and if they have mark of khorne thats 40 S5 poisoned attacks they put out a turn and with 5+ regen all for less than 600 points (inc festus who is a lvl2 wizard)

    warshine: dont leave home without it, champions can issue challenges instead of ur characters, it wont die and can make a unit insanely good

    Lords: these are expensive and you will probably have to take a lvl4 wizard instead and the exulted hero's are just as good but if u do take 1, pick up the archon model as it looks the best
    equiping ur lord is up to you but i find the best way to equip your lord is; mark of tzeench, talisman of preservation (3+ ward), axe of khorne, enchanted shield, favor of the gods, daemonic steed
    this gives the best combination of survivability and killiness

    Shadow is the best but death is also good
    slaanesh used to be awsome but kind of get nerfed in this ed
    nurgle and tzeentch are also good
    always take the infernal puppet

    tzenntch is now the best mark in the book and i would put it on all ur warrriors, warshirne and knights, give ur warriors shields and ur knights the bastard standard
    khorne is good on ur marauders
    slaanesh on any fast cav
    nurgle never

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