so my buddy has had TK for years and put together a list with his classic models (he hasnt put the new stuff together yet). and i wanted to try out my new deamon prince and hell cannon. he took

BSB w/ chariot
casket of souls
20 tomb guard
20 skeletons
15 Calvary
5 chariots (setra and BSB went here)

i had
Deamon prince w/ MOT, stream, collar of Khorne and LV 1
BSB w/ MOK, bronze armor, and shield
30 marauders w/MOK, flails, and command (festus and bsb went here)
20 marauders w/ same
10 m. horsemen w/ MOK, lite armor, flails, command
12 warriors w/ MOK, shield, halberd, mus, stnd
12 warriors w/ MOK, add HW, mus, stnd

First turn magic and both sides crap. shooting he killed one marauder with the Hierotitan and my hellcannon misfires and kills 7 Calvary but cant shoot the rest of the game.

Turn 2 he charges my hell cannon with Calvary, my horde of marauders with Setra and chariots , magic he rolls 12 power dice and miscast with setra loosing his only wizard lv but gives his hole army +1 atk, casket and hierotitan kill a total of 3 m. horsemen. combat hellcannon wins combat and leaves 1 calvary left. and setra's unit win combat and run down the marauder horde then reform to charge my warriors flank(but i did do a wound to setra and 4 wounds to his chariots) my turn. charges m. horsemen charge hierotitan, marauders and DP charge tomb guard (DP on the flank) Magic none my DP was in combat and Festus is dead. Combat marauders and DP wipe the tomb guard and reform to charge skeletons. M horsemen kill the Hierotitan and over run into the Casket.

to make a long story short i spent the next 3 turns killing the rest of his army and he spent the those turns wiping out mine with the chariots. i couldnt get away from the over runs and he never rolled less than 12 impact hits. so we get to turn 6 all that is left is the deamon prince and the hell cannon both with 1 wound each and Setra and the BSB . The deamon prince wounds setra, the hellcannon causes a wound to the BSB but is killed by a horse in return. My turn the DP finally kills Setra and thats game. my DP and his BSB are all that is left.

I know that neither army was competitive as we were just using what we had or wanted to try out but it was a fun game. I have to say im impressed with the hell cannon and against TK you cant even use him to his full potential. The DP gets alot of hate but he worked great for me. and the M. horsemen did great until they killed the Casket of souls and got blown up.

Next time we play he should have all his Snakes and constructs put together so i will have to re work my list to deal with with T8 constructs.