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    I need help exterminating some rats

    In my store theres not a lot of fantasy players, but what players we do have use top tier armies, especially Skaven and theres one guy whose just unbeatable, hes cool but he can't make a friendly list, hes a power gamer but not a tournament player and as far as I know only a tournament Daemon player has beaten him once. I don't know his list exactly but from what I can remember he has 2 abominations, a big unit of jezzails, stormvermin with queek, 2 or 3 units of slaves, 1 unit of clanrats, some giant rats, a screaming bell and a few characters. I really don't know how to play against skaven, theres just so much and its really overwhelming, does anyone have any advice?

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    Yes those pesky skaven can be a real pain in your behind, I havn't found a 100% sure way of dealing with them (not by lack of trying) and massacering them but here are some tips that have worked for me to force them in a draw or a minor win.
    There are several things that post a severe threat to any army in an skaven army, and I thry to nueuteralise them (not neccecarely kill them)

    Abomanation: for this one I've used three kinds of countering, the firts is using fast cav (preferably slaanesh) or hounds (not as good but may do the trick). Flkack the big thing on two side's by placing them on 1" on each side of the abomanation. With the new rules it will only be able to move directly forward. This way it won't be able to reach your army.
    The second one is Magic, a good pit of shades or several fireballs have killed a few abomanations.

    Hordes of Skaven slaves and clanrats: Hellcannon: Either shoot until you cant shoot no more or let it run in the center of his blocks and let it hold his center line, this way you free up the rest of your army to manouver in for the kill.

    Jezzails: Nothing a disk rider with a wardsave can't handle.

    Doomwheel: pretty much the same as the abomanation but I do alter with a disk lord (love this guy, but be carefull for the stormbanner).

    For the level 4 Skaven mage: Puppet or flush it out with some knights (I use 6 nurgle knights with the frenzy banner).
    I have to admid he is still my biggest problem since there is no throo way of getting rid of it other tha to chase it down and hope it doesn't get to many dice from the winds of magic

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    A lvl4 Slaanesh Mage, a lvl2 Death mage with Spell Familiar.
    Doom Totem.
    As much Hellcannons as humanly possible.

    Sit back, and spam Hellshriek, Doom & Darkness and the Hellcannons. Let him come to you.

    One unit of Knights with Lances and the Flaming banner to charge the HPA when it gets close.
    Use dogs to shield this unit from the jezzails, or occupy them.
    Or out shoot the Jezzails.

    Big units so dreaded 13th wont get you instantly.

    Third eye of Tzeentch to steal brutal spells, ever seen a unit Knights with Death Frenzy? Neither have I, but I imagine it's more than awesome.

    Have you tried a Feedback Scroll to deal with the Grey Seer?

    I don't like flying characters against Skaven, they always seem to have the Storm Banner.
    But a Stubborn 3++ Tzeentch bloke is awesome to charge into a big unit and grind away.

    All the Skaven players I encountered had their lvl4 in a unit near the table edge, or at least behind some slave unit.
    Get Wulfrik with a small Marauder unit (small so that you know you will be able to fit it on the table, but not so small Dreaded 13th can take you out) and charge the unit harboring the Seer.
    Challenge him with Wulfrik.

    I hope you can do something with this.
    But I really think Panic and leadership based is a great way to deal with Skaven.

    Read the latest Errata's, there are some interesting things in there regarding his ld modifiers from ranks.
    My WoC assembly/paint log! check it out. UPDATED 03-11-'11!
    Check out my guide on how to make Treekin.
    Please feel free to correct my spelling.

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